Peanut Brittle


Simple and so EASY!

You need a Medium Stove Cooking Pan.

1. Two cups Sugar

2. One cup Corn Syrup

3.  2 tbl Butter.

4.  1 tbl Baking Soda.

5.  1 tbl Vanilla.

6.  Two Cups Cooked Peanuts.

7.  Wooden cooking Spoon.

8.   Large Cookie Sheet AND SPRAY THE SURFACE with Pam.

9.  One grin or giggle will do.

Get everything together.

Okay, mix sugar and corn syrup in cooking pan

Put it on high Heat and mix with the wooden spoon.

Cook 15-20 minutes.

NOW here’s where you work quicker but not so quick to get Hot Mix on you.

Add the Butter and Vanilla.

Add Baking Soda.

Stir it Up.

Add Peanuts and the Pour onto Cookie Sheet.

It’s HOT,!

Now, pick up cookie sheet and lean left and right and side to side.  It will float.  It’s like a Lava motion.

Then sit it down and let cool down for 30 minutes to one hour.

Then break it up and put in a gallon Freezer Bag.


You now have a gallon bag of homemade Peanut Brittle that YOU MADE… how neat is THAT?