You know, I still DON’T know why they aren’t Calling COVID-19 

MAD BAT DISEASE!  Makes sense to me, you too?

If they did, may be the Bat Market would be KILLED!  Eating Animals, Mammals or anything that has possible serious Coronaviruses in them, then may be the World can avoid another PANDEMIC.  Dang, that would be Nice.  But one thing I’m concerned about is this-

Okay, I just provided three Sources for one thing and did you see that?  Now, I’m gonna show you another thing and then I’ll explain why?

Now, twice I’ve given you three Sources showing you, the Reader. Where True Numbers are being Withheld.  Withheld? 

WTF?  Now, who does that and Why?

Get Ready, wait for it.  Yes, wait for it.  And WOW!  Ain’t that some SCARY SHIT!

Scary as He’ll for sure and When you withhold the Numbers, you’ll Never Know What the True Situation is.  And what happens then?  Well, the World might put a TRAVEL BAN on all Americans doing Non-Essential Travel.  Or how about this?  MEXICO and CANADA keeps it’s Borders closed to All Non-Essential Travel ACROSS their Borders.  Yes, in other words. America is put on a Total World Quarantine for Travel to or from it.  WOW!  Hey, if YOU’RE falsely reporting COVID-19 INFECTIONS, why allow travel to a Country where that is taking place.  And now. I’ve shown you how someone Ordered the Civilian Deaths by American Drone Attacks to Never Be Released any longer.  And has this same person Now Ordered COVID-19 Cases Not to be Reported?    Hey, I’m a nobody and I know nothing for sure, but do you?  Big Food for thought, ISN’T it?  Or is it this?  It’s a Shit Sandwich and Everyone has to take a Bite out of it?