HeRd Immunity…Yahoo! Cut them Sick DOGIES out of the Herd

YAHOO!  TIME TO LET THE ENTIRE HERD get infected with COVID-19.  Because it’s gonna be’s thru Herd Infection.  But Thank God, mostly our Fattest Obese and Oldest are gonna Take One For the Team!
Herd Im·mu·ni·tythe resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through vaccination.
“the level of vaccination needed to achieve herd immunity varies by disease but ranges from 83 to 94 percent.  Here’s some more about it from-
Herd immunity is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections, thereby providing a measure of protection for individuals who are not immune. 
So, now the World is Re-Opening and Guess What?  It’s not even close to anything resembling what it was.  Six Times this week, I went into a freshly Re-Opened Restaurant and KaBam? KaPow!  Not a single Customer was sitting or standing around anywhere. It was empty as all get out.
And places where they are gathering like it were their Last Day on Earth, they doing that because of two Reasons or maybe three or more like these.  I like to think it’s because of number one.   Yes, the 1st one.  But at Open Bars and Clubs?  And throw the Social Distancing out the window for these-won’t ever happen.  But at them Bars and such-
1.  They straight-up HORNY!  The Guys got Blue Balls and they’re tired of dry-humping the couch.  Girls are sex cramping…and they’re tired of that rubber Dildo.
2..  They the Herd’s Weaker seeking a Stronger Herd Member.
3.  They want to PARTY.
4.  They want to Get Out Of The House.
5.  They have Given-Up.
7.  They a Social Hound.
8.  They came trying to find a Viral Pic or Video.
9.  They looking for Rent Money.
10.  They want to Get Drunk so they can play pretend They Somebody.
But for me, my going to a Bar or Club days are way behind me.  And I know if I was a young man, I’d go out and I’d enjoy myself.  Lord, for those of you who were not a part of the Disco Crowd, that was some fun.  Yes, Disco Dancing was fun.  And so is Western Swing.  Any Country Western Dancing was always fun to do, too.  And just Dancing.  My mother was hooked on Ballroom Dancing and she was very good at it.  But oh so sadly, her Dance Partner died of Aids.  He was a really Cool Dude. 
But let’s get back to that Herd Immunity.  And sure, people without monies need a way to work.  But dang, many folks are gonna find themselves in the toughest Job Market ever.  Competition for Jobs is going to be tough, gonna be rough.  And lots of Industries may take ten-twenty years to get back to Pre-Chinese Virus Days. You know, why WASN’T this called 


Then maybe the World would QUIT eating Bats.  This is more than once Bats have Infected Man!  But this has gotten way out of Hand!

One thought on “HeRd Immunity…Yahoo! Cut them Sick DOGIES out of the Herd

  1. “vaccination” is not needed and quite abusive, has bad results against global health. Corona is in the Food and Water, globally, simply. It weakens somewhat the immune system of bio-beings, but mostly not severely, simply. I as Smoker of Marihuana have to simply switch now to a small Bong, away from Joints, since a Joint is directly AT the Mouth, which is relatively pollutive, much fossil chemicals producing burning process. But a normal, NOT big, but SMALL Bong is BETTER, than an “Evapotator”, since Evaporators lately had in Cases a result of for the Lung harmful type of actual type of Smoke, after which hopefully, most Evaporators-Users switched to Bongs, small Ones – and without Ice, simply. Where in countres, where Marihuana is not yet fully legal, the Marihuana in Pillform, “Marinol” is likewise not legal, that abusively FORCES Marihuana-Consumers, to simply – unnededly – smoke, in order, to simply consume Marihuana. So, Marihuana-Consumers of organised type can rightfully sue against such governments, which keep Marinol abusively illegal, – as Marihuana can be transformed into other consumption-types, which don’t require actual smoking, simply. Because, simply, by the very ground water we share on this planet, ALL [!] People were more or less infected with the Corona Virus – but simply, different Bio-Bodies, Systems, react differently, in cases really sufferingly – but most People ARE immune to the Virus, naturally, already, or would have been infected already, recogniseably, simply. Simply, as said, the very abusive illegality of Marihuana and of Marinol forces People, who want to consume Marihuana (and not alcohol), to simply SMOKE, which smoking IS NOT actually needed, to consume Marihuana. Simply.

    As said, Vaccination against Corona is not needed, and is a madness, and is a political abusive herding of, against, People.


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