Tax Rottentation Will Force America into Bankruptcy…

It is starting to appear that the New Gov is ONLY out for the Wealthy.  If you are a Millionaire, then all the New Tax Breaks are going to you and those Richer than you.  The tiniest amount of people in America are now grabbing every penny they can get their hands on.  The Rich believe Yes, they are the Royalty in America and by this, they own the Right to OWN YOU! 

Americans are becoming Slaves to their New Rich Masters. Slaves!  Yes, if not you, then your kids and grandkids for sure.  SLAVERY BOUND!

There’s NO LIMIT on how much Tax Fixin will continue to burn through Washington these Days.  And most Americans are OR WERE too happy to get a $1200 Stimulus Check to even ponder why their kids and grandkids ate going to be handed a walking cane when they Retire.  Yes, by the time they Retire, the Rich will have legally Stolen the Promises that you had.  How?  By Tax Rottentation. 


Okay, it’s best explained like in the days of the Old West.  And your Cards are Marked.  The House is Rigged.  And when you walk thru the Front Door, you got a SUCKER sticker plastered on your forehead. 

But Tax Rottentation?  Yes, the Fox was let into the Hen House.  HOW?

Daddy Trump who is the Billionaires Boy on Strings gave the Rich a FANTASTIC TAX BREAK and in the CARES ACT, they’ve Blown the Doors Wide Open on the Poor Man’s Outhouse and the fool was in there going to the Potty.  And POOP is on your faces.  And that 1st fantastic Rich Man’s Tax Break and the new one will lead America into Bankruptcy!  Yes. It’s a done deal. This is the best J O B on Your Monies Ever!!!  This is Monies meant for Balancing the BUDGET of the USA!  But not no mo…the Rich done got their grubby hands on that money too.  LEGALLY!  And it will Bankrupt America!  Have you got it yet?  And they gonna GET PAID! Paid with your Monies that they TOOK OUT OF YOUR PAYCHECKS from even the Past!  Billionaires using Republicans know they’ve already Lost the White House in November, but they are Crippling the Next Administration with Bankruptcy. They’re grabbing the CASH and they running with it…c 4 yourself- 

Bonanza for Rich Real Estate Investors, Tucked Into Stimulus Package

A mindboggling 82% of the tax benefits tucked into the Stimulus bill!!!FOR THE RICH…

Okay, now, u no… (SMH)


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