Hey Mom and Dad, We’re moving back home…c y’all 2Morrow.


Sounds a lot like the tale of the College Grads moving back home after they found that they couldn’t balance a Budget and pay the Student Loan Payments at the same time.  And now, forget the Student Debt, forget the Medical Insurance, forget the J O B that you were so happy to HAVE.  Then the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and it ripped your balls off.  No, not actually. But ball crushed for sure because NO ONE, I mean no one was ever planning to move back home with Mom and Dad.  But there are No Free Rides without a price.  And now, tons upon tons, many upon many. Millions upon millions will be FINALLY forced to suck it up and bite their Pride and call good ole mom and good ole dad and move back home.  Shameful?  Shaming?


Don’t let it be.  Don’t give a negative thought to it.  It is what is is now for sure.  It’s foremost Not Your Fault.  Most, I’m talking most Americans are balancing all of their bills on a paycheck to paycheck. And the days of Big Savings just aren’t there in most banking accounts.  Congress knows this and so came out those Stimulus Checks that won’t fully be given out until September.  And that’s a buffoon amount of time to wait to get yo monies.  Too long.  Way too long.  But one dash of cash WON’T stop the Landlord from coming.  It won’t play that Mortgage but maybe once.  And add all the other Bills, and dang,  what’s to do?  Yes, many, many will in the next 4-6 Months be forced to move back in at home.  Others will somehow miraculously find ways to solve problems with past lovers or Divorced ones.  Yes, the takes and tales are going to be incredibly sad or happy on how Life will go on.  And make no mistake, Life will go on.  Kids will get to hear those same ole annoying words from their parents and ,lol, parents will get to hear those say ole annoying words.  Words used, words spoken in haste when everyone felt cramped.  Cramped and cranky. But it will all come down to L O V E!  And there is no greater love than family love. 


And no, No One can keep the Bill Collectors away.  They might keep them at bay, but not forever.  Banks won’t be able to excuse late payments or deferred payments forever.  Landlords can’t give out Free Rent either for months upon months.  But sure, I’m betting some will and those will have a heart of true human compassion. But make mistake, these are scary days.


And one of the many things I’m seeing are the crippling numbers of those without jobs.  Loss of jobs.  Layoffs by the millions.  Layoffs by the tons and tons.  And I, like you, was thinking out of a $3 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package, there wouldn’t be this never-ending weekly millions more filing for unemployment benefits.  And dang,  i, we all believed Congress would AVERT such crazy numbers.  One in just over every four Americans capable of working now without


a J O B.  And I’m not seeing these benefit payments for 40-plus million unemployed Doable for very long.  And how long can A person be on the Unemployment Bandwagon?  And hey, I’m not faulting you if you do.  I was for two months once and I was forced to Living at Home too.  But it was a nice time.  It felt like a Vacation!  And so should yours.  But pitch in and help your family like I know you can and don’t Overburden the Situation if hard times lay ahead.  Keep your Spiritual World all together.  And how long can you get those unemployment Checks?  With a Government Special COVID-19 arrangement, they can now Last as long as 39 weeks Total.  26 plus the New 13 more added.  But although we’re all seeing these incredible numbers, I’m not seeing an incredible number of folks actually getting them. 

Many Apply, Many will be Denied.  Why?  Mostly for not actually qualifying for them. OR?  Your Employer may not have been paying their stuff so you would be covered.  They, like you, we’re never planning for a PANDEMIC.  No one was.  This thing got all our pants yanked down at the same time.  And now, some was bare ass naked and didn’t have no underwear on at all.  Lol.  


But dang, we’re in it now.  And I’ve written things to help like how to Eat On The Cheap.  And tomorrow, I’ll be making Brown hamburger meat mixed together with MAC and CHEESE.  My wife and I will graze on that for three or four days.  And just eat MAC and CHEESE if your Budget CAN’T afford the ever Soaring Costs of Beef.  And really?  WTF?  Higher Prices in the Stores and greatly REDUCED PRICES now being paid at the Cattle Auction Barns.  Friends, I’m seeing a whole lot of peculiar and strange price gouging going on and I sure Hope they get the Hell fined out of them for doing so.  To screw all of us when we’re faced with less monies?  WTF?  Who the Hell does that during a PANDEMIC?  Greedy Bastards do.  Mean, shit-mouthed fools do.  Mean, greedy people do.  And I, like you, want them all to get their Just Rewards in HELL!!!   


But hey, time to move on.  And if you are going back home, remember this-these are Historically Trying Times.  And mostly think about this-Your being back home may be your LAST TIME to be with the ones you love.  These Older Members are the ones that paved the way for you.  Fed you.  Clothed you.  And now, enjoy these Last Days…with lots and lots of L O V E.