Emu’s Safari…

A True Tale-


Years ago, on a very large Ranch. The Rancher has invested in purchasing 500 Emus.  And soon afterwards, the Market fell out for them.  Soon, they were worth much of anything.  But these are smaller than an Ostrich.  An Emu grows to be 5.5 to 6 feet tall and 90-150 lbs.  And they can reach 30 mph.  And, they can kill YOU.  With their three toed feet, they can rip a man’s gut open.  Rip a throat open.  And when provoked, they will attempt to kill the Opponent.  Yes, when they believe it’s a Choice of Fight or Flight, they often times will attack.  Yes, attacking with furious bravado.  They can be the ultimate challenge in certain cases.

Well, the Big Rancher, who was upset with the low Market Price, put up a sign.  And it was FREE EMUS, YOU SHOOT, YOU HAUL AWAY.  And so, another Rancher had a young son that saw the Sign and asked his father if he could go and Get One.  So. There was no known issue with shooting an Emu that the Rancher was Ware of. 


So, the father went and got some items to give to his young son a Single Shot .22 lever Action Rifle, a few .22 bullets, and a rope.  And he told his son-


I called Rancher Barker and he said that there was this one Big One all by itself in the Barker Ranch’s West Range.  You know which one I’m talking about?

I do, dad.

Okay, here’s a gun. Some bullets, a rope and go get the 4-Wheeler out of the Barn and bring us back one.  You sure you can do this?  You want to use the truck instead?

No, I’m good, Dad.  I got this.

Okay, it’s your Hunt.  But please be careful.

I will.  That Bird ain’t nothing.

Then the Ranchers son took the rifle, bullets, rope, and then ran down to the Barn.  In about a minute, the noise of the 4-Wheeler could be heard. 

s-l400 (2)

Then the Rancher saw the 4-Wheeler with his son sitting on Top racing towards the Big Rancher’s Ranch.  And then in ten minutes. The son came face to face with a 150-lb 6’6″ EMU.  He was now about thirty yards AWAY staring face to face with the biggest Emu and 1st he’d ever seen. And he turned the 4-Wheeler Motor off.  And just eat there atop it.

 And now, the young excited boy pulled out a single bullet and put it in the Rifle and he quickly pulled the gun up and aimed at the Big Emu’s middle body.  Then, he pulled the trigger.  And the boy was expecting for the Big Massive Bird to fall down.  But no, no, no.  The bullet hit.  Yes. It hit, but it WASN’T close to killing This bird.  This did not happen.



The Big Emu let Out a War Cry screaming out that IT WAS ON NOW!  IT’S ON!  And oh yeah, it was, the Big Emu burst into full speed ahead and almost instantly was doing the full 30 mph.  The Bird was almost on the Boy when the 4-Wheeler Motor fired up and the Boy turned the wheels heading away just as the Huge Bird was thrashing

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it’s three toed Feet at the Boy. The boy dunked his head down.  But he missed the Boy by just centimeters.  It was oh so close. It was dangerously close.  And then the Boy shot out jamming the gears as the Big Bird turned and was now hunting the Boy.  In just an instance, the table had turned.  Yes, it was now Hunting Season for the Big Emu and just as the Bird was almost on the Boy again, the Boy hit the last gear and in this gear, the 4-Wheeler was finally  out distancing the Killer Emu.  And all over the West Range the Bird chased after the Boy riding atop the 4-Wheeler. Up ridges they both traveled.  Down into deep gullies they went.  It was a Game of Killer Catching who?  

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In a way, this may have become a Territorial Dispute also for the Massive Bird.  But on the game continued.  And finally, the Bird stopped.  And then in another 30 yards, the boy stopped, he kept the motor running and he spun his body backwards to side-saddle the 4-Wheeler and then he pulled out another round and Reloaded his rifle.  He knew that this shot had to count.  Yes, this one had to count.  For sure, this shot had to count. 


And then as he pulled the gun up to take aim, the two stared at each other.  Yes, they looked at each other for a long time.  And the boy thought, will this Killer Bird, the Bird that almost got me already never turn his head?  Then the Bird did and at that instance, the boy pulled the trigger and the Bullet went right into the Bird’s head dropping the Bird instantly.  Then the Boy turned and drove the 4-Wheeler to where the Bird lay.  Driving up very slowly.  But yes, the Bird was no longer a Hunter any longer.  His life was over.  Then the Boy tied the rope on the Bird and tied the other end on the back of the 4-Wheeler and then, he slowly drove back home dragging the Massive Bird.  Then once home, the father took care of butchering the Bird and cooking it up.  And by suppertime, all knew what Emu Meat tasted like.  Just like very dry Beef.   And for years and years and years,  the boy failed to tell the father how the Emu’s Safari really took place.

Emus can dash away at nearly 50 km (30 miles) per hour; if cornered, they kick with their big three-toed feet. Like cassowaries and ostriches, the toe claws of emus are capable of eviscerating animals under the right conditions; however, human fatalities are extremely rare.