Is your City? Your State showing a higher COVID-19 Mortality Rate than OTHERS? If so, then why?

COVID-19 RECOVERY will be much like climbing Mountains.  Not little ones.  But ones like Mt. Everest.  World Stability will be Tested like never before.  And everyone is going to be hit.  But how deeply all of the effects you depends on each one of us.  And right now. It’s punched a huge Hole in the Finances of most of us.  And it’s going to take us into the Dark Zone where only the strong survive.  But trust me. You are already one of the Strong.  Yes. You are already moving out of Phase One and everyone is moving into Phase Two.  And when the Paramedics drop CPR, where’s the Liability?

And here’s a quick and very troubling Exert-

After confirming that the patients’ hearts had flatlined, they declared each of them dead at the scene, without attempting CPR.

Phase One-Shutdown.  Yes, shutting down the necessary in Order to Limit the Spread.  And many are taking a Hit.  But some places have escaped this Virus all together.  Congratulations to them.  But it still is forcing them into this Phase because of the tremendous slowing down of Commerce.  And this one is far from being Over.

Phase Two-Getting back to some resemblance of normalcy.  But the Trust Factor will be long from coming back and may take several Generations before that happens.  Many things People WON’T Trust.  No, Trust just up and left Town.  And Now, when you visit someone, it might be your last Visit.  So now. It’s important to say what you mean.   Do what you believe.  But do the right thing.  And make your Time Left count for something.  So, be the amazing person that you are. Yes, your being here is a Miracle.  Yes, get it RIGHT.  You’re being here is a M I R A C L E!  And that’s one aspect of our lives that fee take the time to realize.  Our being here is Miraculous and deeply embedded in the Unknown.  Sure, you think you KNOW.  We think we KNOW.  But somethings may be completely unknown to us until we enter the Dead Zone.  And Trust Me, there is something on the Other side after we go.  People, at least some of us, have had that one or two or three things happen to us that are absolutely the Proof of the hereafter.  But Phase Two may last fifty years.  

Phase Three-another Pandemic takes place at a time when mankind has once again grown Cocky with themselves and Man believes himself invincible.  Man will have for the most part reached their Limits in many Areas.  But they will have forgotten what the Elders wuiy teaching to the next Generation.

Yes. It will come again.  Oh yes.  Pandemic City will come again.  But then again,  a hundred years might not be when it happens.  The next one might skip this Phase Three.  And when it does?  They’ll look back at how the World handled the COVID-19 Pandemic and they’ll once again look at the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic.  And many people will Die.  Yrs. Many, many.  Many will Die in the Next Ones just as they will in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Man’s body has gotten more susceptible to MORE Viruses and now, we know of yet another one that KILLS US OLD PEOPLE like never BEFORE.  But it kills others for seemingly no physical reasons as they are dying and they were great specimens of people WHO had no flaws.  They are in their Prime and are being struck down.  Completely Healthy and then two weeks later. They are DEAD.  PANDEMIC DEAD.  And this does cause concern because something I’m seeing is that Some Places have a higher or Greater Death Toll or Death Rate than another City.  Large Clusters of Death could mean that Area may have a more Deadly Mutated VIRUS.  Or that there is a High Degree of Incompetence at the Health Facilities in that Town or City.  I’m talking the different Mortality Rates in various Cities and States.  Even a higher degree of Health Workers in one City or State succumbing to the Virus could point to a greater number of deficiencies at that hospital.  But why?  What’s the missing factors? What is missing?  Why is one better than another?   When all of this is OVER, then questions will be ASKED and answers will be GIVEN.  But it is what it is…and it is one that will be asked in the future.  Or possibly sooner.  These will be sad questions and right NOW. Many are positioning themselves against these Death Liabilities both medically and Business-wise.  Yes. The Liability Debates haven’t even started.  And who and what will they say in examples of Gross Negligence?  In such instances, 

Nothing can be said. Can it?  And how many were terminated by someone who just didn’t want to deal with a person.  You know, to lower the Hospitals Costs by terminating COVID-19 Cases?  Lower the Costs by terminating…some have already admitted Playing God on who lived and who Died or was Let to Die!  But was this a humanitarian decision?  A money question?  He or she can pay, but others had No Insurances?  Hmm…