BEST 100-Year Old Recipe Revealed-Cinnamon, Brown Sugar French Toast from my Grandmother…


Okay, you wanna Spoil your Mate?  Show sweetness far more than ever before?  And if you do. You got to have that Recipe Your Grandmother used.  And for the 1st Time, I’m going to share a Family Secret with you.  

FRENCH TOAST like you’ve never had BEFORE.

And so EASY to make…

But you’ll need

1.  Six Slices of Bread

2.  4 Large Eggs

3.  1/4 Cup of Brown Sugar-the regular kind.

4.  1/2 Teaspoon of ground Cinnamon.

5  1/2 Teaspoon McCormick Vanilla

6.  1/4 Cup Bordens EVAPORATED MILK.  it’s in a can and it does make a difference using this instead of Milk.  But use what you got for sure.

7.  6 Slices of Bacon.

Start your Grill at 350 Degrees.



Add 2-6 in a Mixing Bowl. Mix this up until good and mixed.  I use a wooden spoon and mix for about two minutes by hand.

Add Bacon to Grill Surface to begin cooking your Bacon.  You can start this and then mix up the other ingredients in your Mixing Bowl.

Now, as Bacon is cooking on one side of your Grill, slide the Bacon to the Other Side.

And now, drop a Slice of your Bread into the Mixing Bowl.  Turn it over and I’m talking about Soaking that Bread until it’s completely covered in your Mix.  You need to have your Mixing bowl close to your Griddle now.  It’s going to drop, but move your hand quickly and

Then drop this piece of Bread flat onto the Grill.  Cook for 1-3 Minutes until the bottom is a dark brown color and then flip it and cook the bottom side.  Look at your bottom side of the slice to see how it’s going.  Use that Flat Cooking Utensil for this.

Now. The Bacon should be done and your 1st two slices too.

Then batter cover each of the other four slices of bread and put them on the Grill.  Ours is A GRIDDLE I use.

It’s a lot like cooking Pancakes but keep a close eye on how your cooking is going because you don’t want to burn your



Then put three slices or one or two on your plate.

Crumble one slice of Bacon up and sprinkle this on top of your freshly cooked French Toast.

Optional-Adding a Slice of butter on top of each slice.

Pour Your Favorite Syrup on the French Toast and then place two slices of Bacon on the Plate.

Now. Serve it up and get ready for some Happy Faces.

Easy and Simple and Quick to make.  Our German Shepherds love this for Breakfast.  Lol. And today, I made this for my wife in honor of Mother’s Day.  This is A whole lot easier than making Pancakes…


And yes, I’ve seen a little bit of Powdered Sugar Sprinkled on Top also.  And even Whipping Cream added.  And I’ve even Used Bur Rabbit Maple Syrup on Top.  But they are very eatable all by themselves…