America’s Racial Unconstitutionalality!

Yes. That GIF is me…earlier today.  You know, maybe you will one day understand Why the Liberty Bell is really Cracked.  But for those of you who don’t, it’s because it’s bleeding…

Race.  An Evil Word. 

Racial “Unconstitutionalality”are even two more Evil. Destructive Words.  Descriptive Words that no matter how you Lace Up Your Angry Boots, young man, it still is a blistering reminder of Pure Injustice. Pure Unadulterated Supremacy Mindfulness.  Supremacy over another person based upon what?

Stuff your Grandpappy done taught you.  No, he didn’t teach it to you.  No. You decided to BELIEVE your own Conclusions.  Yes, you did.  No. Font Your Hatred BULLSHIT somewhere else.  Why?  I’ve seen Racial Hatred Unleashed Overseas where White fought Black and Black fought White.  And we played a very, extremely Violent Game of Combat Football, but in this game, you beat the shit out of someone else or you had your Ass handed to you on a Platter.  And what did all of these Ass Beatings do? 

It taught all of us that We Could Get Along With Each Other.  Yes. We could.  That after the fighting, there came a New Openness, a new appreciation, a new deep understanding of Respect and a FRIEND was FOUND.  And by the Time all of us had been beaten into submission, we took it upon ourselves to Straighten-Out any New Guy that came from the States wearing Racial Hatred on their Sleeves.  All of us Ended the Race WAR.  Sure, it was still brewing like it always is in the States, but we DID’NT have time for that and continue to our Military Missions.  

In all actuality. We were kids. Just stupid Kids straight out of High School.  And we were 99% Military Taught FOLLOWERS.  And we followed Orders.  But when not training. We were beating each other up until we came to the Division Championship Combat Football Game fought between Our Armored Company against An Infantry Company.  Man, we thought we WAS Bad until that Game.  And the Whole Division was there to watch.  And on the 1st play, I had my right-side Ribs crushed by a short Muscular Infantry Sgt. That I was trying to crush his windpipe.  But he laid me flat out on the ground.  And that WASN’T Race at all.  We wanted to Win at all Costs.  And by the End of the Game, there was broken arms, ribs. Fingers. Even Legs got broken.  And Concussions.  But now, we found our New View.  A New View!


And this was earlier Today.

But all of us knew America back home was still Locked Solid with Slavery Mentality.  Treating Blacks like Plantation Boys and just thinking Blacks were a Gene-Created Stupid Ignorant Person.  Not human.  Less than human.  Not one, but all Blacks.  And when Whites saw Blacks doing better financially, they believed those Blacks had to have Sucked their ways to the Top.  

But that was many years ago.  Many years ago.  And yet, every Year, the Ugly Vengeful Wrath of Ignorant Whites comes out to play.  Is it too many TV Shows?  Too many Movies?  That ARE continuing to Show Blacks as being Pure Ignorant.  And why?  It starts with YOU and how you’ve, how we’ve. How everyone has chosen to accept things that way.  And DON’T try saying you’ve done all you have to shore up the Weakened Damn.  No. None of us have.  But most DON’T want to engage in the Subject Matter.  And why is that?  You fear something.  Or is it someone?  You fear Whites?  You fear Blacks?  Do you fear by saying or doing something positive to help Put Out the ever glowing embers of Racial Hatreds, they’ll MARK YOU!  Yes, you’ll be marked as One of Them.  One that’s floated to the other side?  Or are you always battling Racial Issues by Banner Raising?  Raise the Banner. But never engaging in Positive Actions.  And then. Every Year, more and more KILLINGS come racing to the Viral MARKET.  And so it should.  But more. It should not ever be taking place in 1st Place.  But it damn sure is.  And during a PANDEMIC?  R U that Stupid?   Are you going to start a Rioting like Never Seen in America since the Civil War?  Yes, oh yeah, you could be the match to set the fire a blazing.  And then what? Maybe more Deaths than COVID-19.  Everyone needs to do a Reality Check and reel their Hatreds back in and ask yourself?  Am I a Racial Bigot?  Am I the Cause?  Am I the Cure? 



Am I the Cure?  R U actively trying to Help?

Folks, I very pointedly threw Racial Tensions in Your Face in my 1st Book in A Panther’s Father Book Series.  I slammed it.  I cursed it.  I wanted you to see yourself.  And to find change.  And Hope was taught as well.  But When is this White Verses Black Hatred going to End?  Even in a Pandemic, some are finding themselves and others are reinforcing who they are-That Bad Person!  



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