Top Three Sources for Information…

Okay, you wanna good story?  A moment of sheer laughter and the joke could end up on you.  But really. Who gives the Best Information when you wanna take a softer view of Life?  And boy, everyone is needing so many emotional fillers that some know not where to turn to.  And where do you get your information?  I mean any information in the World?

1.  The Barber…oh yeah. They hear it all and just words like-you my Barber, trust me. Let me know.  And then, they’ll have to completely stop cutting your hair so they can tell you the good stuff. Tell you all about your wife if you stupid enough to ask, cause they’ll throw that back into your lap for asking such a silly question.

2.  The Religious Man…oh yeah. He’s gonna tell it all and the more money you Tip Him, Hmm, or put in the Plate, the more things he will tell you.  But be careful because they are Masters of watching your every reaction and he’ll play you if you let him.

3.  The Mailman…oh yeah, they DON’T just deliver your mail.  No, they also have their eyes and ears Open to everything that goes on.  They can instantly tell the economic decline of any neighborhood.  Or it’s rise.  They can tell who’s been naughty or nice.  Which is a good neighborhood And a bad one.   And they like watching all of us.

So, you can sit back and think of others that come to mind. But the above always seems to come back the 3 Top Winners hands down.  And No, I would never put any Politician in the Mix because ain’t none of them I would trust as any Juror.  Even at their own Trial.  Lol