How to survive Your Marriage…

Survive?  Yes, survival of the fittest.  And how do you make it work?  Make your Marriage WORK?  Okay, my wife and I have been married for 39 years and we’re by far, not the longest lasting marriage.  But, I want to help you make yours last and here are some Clues-

1.  Always give your mate SPACE!  Space so they can still be themselves.

2.  Share the Load.  Load sharing is paramount.  Sharing is kindness and is an exhibit of Love.

3.  Accept your Mate’s Likes and Dislikes.  DON’T fret when yours clash, but never make it a Super Issue.  But make sure you know most Dislikes up front.

4.  Always give Love, be compassionate.

5.  Always try to Get It Right.

6.  DON’T nag.  Don’t rag on your mate.

7.  Don’t compare your mate to others verbally.  Leave comparisons alone.

8.  Accept who you have, and let the rest go.

9.  The grass is NOT GREENER on the other side of the Fence.  If you’re a Bull, leave all the other Heifers alone and don’t make sexual Overtones to another outside your Own Marriage.  Leave them alone.  You already have Your Prize and kept your Prize Proudly.  A few minutes of pleasure with another is not worth a lifetime of regret.  Of guilt.

10.  In Bed, always respect your mate.  If you want to try something different. Make sure your mate wants to, too.  If possible, keep the kinky away.  In your dreams is fine.

11.  Everyone will Lust.  It’s what people do.

12.  Teach your kids right from WRONG.  Every Bad thing you were taught is not an Automatic to pass on to your kids unless it breaks the Law.  Don’t teach vial, corrupt.  What you teach may come back to you in a negative way.

13.  Make sure your Mate is who you want before you simply say I DO!  Marriage is not searching for a Pet.

14.  Marriage is not a cold, calculated maneuver.  It needs to be an improvement in your Life.  Grow into it.  It is always growing as long as you don’t give up.

15.  Accept that you both will have your own interests.

16.  You’re both Saints.  You both will put up with a lot of Shit.  It’s real truth. Not a rose garden.

17.  Keep working at it.  DON’T Give-Up!  Don’t sweat the small things.

18.  You are growing Old together.  Both of you.

19.  Don’t go out on a Limb spending monies.  Keep your finances doable.  Don’t ask others how to make your Marriage WORK. You’re the ones in it, analyze all problems and fix them together or fix yourself.  Leave the Booze and Drugs alone.  If you have deep, dark secrets.  Keep them that way.  Especially military secrets and the like.

20.  Remember just a touch, a simple rubbing on the shoulder is still a simply way of saying-Hey babe, I’m still loving you and only you.  Spousal Love is different than love for your kids.

21.  Spiritual Fulfillment is always an individual thing, not a forced upon the other thing.

22.  Know when to Give-In.  Arguments do not ever need to go beyond 10 minutes..let it go.

23.  Fix what is fixable.  Leave the unfixable alone.

24.  Accept differing Viewpoints.  Keep an Open Mind.  One day, your own child may tell you that they are Gay.  It’s okay.  The day does not ever end…