175,000-270,000 Dead Americans by August 30, 2020…a COVID Number most won’t accept

That’s a ton of folks.  No matter how you introduce them, these Numbers are very Sobering.  And how did I come up with these?  Well, if you look at my Last Numbers Post, the last 30 days was 64,074-plus.  In last 15 days, it was 70,654.  And in last 7 days, it was 55,894.  But depending on how you wish to figure?  The low heading to 40,000 a month or bounce it over 55,000 for the next three months?  Opening the Country will be very a queer thing to watch.  Some will social distance and others will Party like it’s 1999?  

Yes, the World will be able to see if Americans handle-up on their business or drop their Guard.  Dropping the Guard in some places for sure and some places will be highly congested in getting anywhere like on the Daily Commute on a Subway or Public Transportation or Shared Car Pool.  Yes. It’s going to be a trying time to make monies or possibly the cause of Death of a cherished and greatly Loved One.