“We got to get the Country Open and People are Gonna Die!”

Covid-19 Cases R on the Increase in 28 States, but the Shoe Must be put on.  Oops!  The Show must go on.  And interesting quandary or menagerie.  Depends on your Point of View.  But make one damn sure of one thing-Once you Open backup, there’ll be Hell to pay if you try Isolation again short of a Nuclear Attack.  People WON’T sit tight.  No, not by their Chinny Chin Chins.  Nope, they’ll drop their Drawers and then turn and tell you to Look for an “X” and kiss it.  

Talking time has come and gone.  More and more People want real answers as to the Why’s all of this came about.  And every American, every Person in Britain, India, Indonesia, and no matter where you are FROM. You will be pissed if you lose your mother, father, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, son, or daughter to this Virus.  And you too will want answers as well.  Bring a tissue if you cry.  But one day, crying time will be OVER and there may come a Reckoning.  Even Violent Ones.  For anyone to say what’s to come are Fools talking Fool’s Talk.  And only fools listen to fools. 

No one knows what’s to come, but Human Nature does NOT change.  Oh yes, human nature never changes.  Glimpses of change are a guise.  Never true. But very popular to a point.  And America is the most heavily Armed Country in the World.  Millions upon Millions of gun owners with an average of 5000 rounds per gun owner.  So, yes, in a strange way, Americans have never moved far away from their Revolutionary Roots.  War and War-Mongering in many ways have been deeply bred into everyone.  So, when it comes to Gun Pulling Time, the foolish will bleed just as the instructed.  But hopefully, that road will not be travelled down.  Then again, there will never be a time when the World will be equal.  Each seeing each as an equal.  An acceptance can be had and that is what the Honorable strive to achieve.  But when this Virus has run its course, then the End Game could begin.  And will this End Game become a place better for all?  No, it will quickly resort back to the Haves and the Have-Nots.  It won’t be a World of You Don’t Belong.  Many choose to tell others that someone else doesn’t belong.  But it all resorts back to those that Have and those who do not.  And those that Have will always flaunt what they Have like a little kid.  But the Have Nots will not, maybe, just maybe, won’t be the same accepting person that they were before they all went thru the 2020 Pandemic. 

And why say this?  Human Nature just like a Bad Divorce.  And the more a person loses in the Pandemic, the more they will be encrusted in a deeper feeling of betrayal.  And betrayal begets further betrayal.  It’s incomprehensible to think otherwise…it is.

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