BECOMING-A 5-STAR marvelously revealing, Amazing 1st Lady Michelle Obama Documentary on NETFLIX!




the living breathing James Brown


WOW!  Are you ready to drop your Jaw?  All the way to the Ground?  Well, if so, you will be taken right into the Lion’s Den, chewed-up as Lion’s meat and then tossed out again.  This Documentary is electrifying-ly revetting.  And one that is gonna take the Viewer down the Rabbit Hole and guide you back out.  Yes, it’s going to take you way, way. Way down into that Rabbit Hole and guide you back out with a warm, guiding hand. Two hands if you need.  Lord, I believe Michelle Obama will carry you on her back if she needs to.  But she won’t need to.

A trip that is Far better than Alice in Wonderland.  A humanistic story?  Oh yeah.  Oh yes.  Yes, indeed.  Seeing and hearing the tales of Michelle’s family growing-up and then, the Viewer is included too as a family member.  You, I, us are not alone in all of this.  Who are YOU?  Who is this Nation?

Do you need Tissue Paper?  Why, yes indeed.  For sure.  The 1st Lady and her hypnotic smile and deeply moving facial features, and excellent oratory skills, no matter where, as she tells her tale to the audience thru Real-Life images, a viewer cannot run from, but will  be brokered, yes, be able to relate Human existence in all of its fashionable displays is Michelle Obama.  Maybe, simulate is a better word.

And did you ever ponder what Life is like for the Royalty?  Yes. Our President and Our 1st Lady are as close to Royalty here in America as it gets.  Here in America, money DOESN’T get you that consideration. No. You have to be chosen.  And the American People decide who will be it’s Royalty.  

How this Black woman is fashionably exposed to the World and the rationale of how it’s dealt with is unquestionably presented for the inexperienced and the naive.  Yes, a remarkable Dicumrntary.  Absolute and brought to bare for you, the viewer. 

And after running the Race thru the Dark Forest of Multiple Injustices, a Proud Woman faced the Negativities of a Society so challenged by the Ultimate evils of Racism and Tribalism.  And when President Obama begins singing Amazing Grace, which I don’t want to spoil it for YOU, But it will be Tissue Time.  And as I watched, I saw a Woman motivated by CARING!  Yes, Caring.  And always Caring.  And with a chiseled, solid intelligence of undeniable Realism, Michelle tells her tale.  And make no mistake. This is a wonderfully well rounded Person impassioned with the fullness of a complete understanding of knowing the truths of our very existence.  

5-STAR?  Oh yes, it’s every bit a eye and eat and mind experience I highly, highly recommend.  You and your family will not be disappointed.