Numbers DON’T Lie…

R U a Texan?  


AMERICA,  we’re being burnt badly by this Damn Virus.  And everyone has their own way or means of unfolding or boxing what is going on in Our own Minds.  And everyone will agree!  It SUCKS!  IT STINKS!  And before all of this is OVER, America may end up holding the MOST of all Cases in Infections and of all Deaths.  For the Whole World!  And I’m talking about numbers that are seriously wrong, way wrong.  And the Testing Numbers still are unrealistic.  They still aren’t close to being where they should have been.  And many are now coming out in a daze.  

Yes, are coming out of their own homes and apartments and they are walking around in a State of lostness.  No one is believing this has finally taken place, but it has and we’re still in it.  I went to get food yesterday and guess what?  There wasn’t a single sole in the restaurant sitting and eating.  No. There was no one and not me either.  I left.  The whole thing was not a feeling of happiness, not at all.  And the manager sent me railing out because I had to stop this Man who kept trying to Inter my Last Fragile Zone of Distance Spacing. 

No, he was almost up in Arms waving his arms as he kept moving closer and closer repeatedly and each time. I stuck up my Arm and made a STOP JESTURE and told him-

Hold-up!  6 FEET,  I’M HIGH RISK!

And the man stopped, backed-up and kept going on in a wild animated manner complaining this about being at a Grocery Store-

YOU WANT DISTANCE SPACING AND THEY DON’T DO THAT at the Grocery Store.  I mean, I have to get in and get out, I got a business to run.  And they would just Stop and Stare at stuff on the shelves.  I don’t have time for that.  I got to get in and out.  They are in all over close and all and I have to GO AROUND THEM and I DON’T have time for that.  I’ve got a busy to run.

And this businessman kept repeating himself and kept moving closer and closer to me and I had to repeat to him to Keep Back and OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING. 

Earlier, I figured I’d just go in get And out and I decided to not put on a Mask and he HAD NONE and I had called the Order in 20 minutes earlier and IT STILL WASN’T READY!  I had to wait at least ten minutes.  I guess he was starving for two things-customers and someone to talk to or Let the Steam Out and I was Mr. Unlucky.  And while there, I was mindful and wondered-watch this FOOL have this Damn Virus and now Give it to Me. 

But dang, why the long wait and how mental the man was.  And as I left, I saw items usually out and for Sale were GONE!  And I wondered if he was having to pick which Vendors to call and which ones he had to skip?  But dang, not one single Customer Dinning-in…and we’re in the 25% Customer Rule right now.  And now. I can see it’s gonna be a Good While before things ever get back to NORMAL.  The New Normal may be completely different from what we’re all thinking.  Completely different in many ways.  And that’s sad and a sign of the New Times.  The COVID Times.  And for me, here’s one of the last things I do each night now, it’s just one of the things I’ve been writing down daily.  And they are a glaring Reminder of an Old Man’s History Record beginning April 2, 2020.  Look long enough and you’ll figure it out-






Okay. Still need help?  Ok…

Left to Right-


Cases in U.S.

Cases Total for World. (Number Above is Deaths Total in Texas)

Daily U.S. Infections

U.S. DEATH TOLL/Deaths for our County

Total Infected for Our County.

Total infections for TEXAS.

Now, you know and print it out and you can say the author KNOWN as

“the living breathing James Brown” wrote that and Posted it Online May 6. 2020.