Real-Time Buggery…

just when everyone thought the COVID-19 was startng to wane, and States are Re-Opening, then comes the Full Deal that cannot be ignored-

And here is an Exert!  One you need to read!


We have developed an analysis pipeline to facilitate real-time mutation tracking in SARS-CoV-2, focusing initially on the Spike (S) protein because it mediates infection of human cells and is the target of most vaccine strategies and antibody-based therapeutics. To date we have identified fourteen mutations in Spike that are accumulating. Mutations are considered in a broader phylogenetic context, geographically, and over time, to provide an early warning system to reveal mutations that may confer selective advantages in transmission or resistance to interventions. Each one is evaluated for evidence of positive selection, and the implications of the mutation are explored through structural modeling. The mutation Spike D614G is of urgent concern; it began spreading in Europe in early February, and when introduced to new regions it rapidly becomes the dominant form. Also, we present evidence of recombination between locally circulating strains, indicative of multiple strain infections. These finding have important implications for SARS-CoV-2 transmission, pathogenesis and immune interventions.

This Deadly Virus may be sent FROM GOD!  And the above points further EVIDENCE that an Amalgamation in a Lab that was hosting numerous strains of Coronaviruses led to the 1st one. 

Maybe this Lab, at least all the samples, needs to be burned down to the ground.  Right?  Or will it be let to create another amalgamation?

Dang!  Now you’ve read probably the scariest Summary yet to date of Research that now says-MANKIND IS IN THE WORST!  Yes, we’re now looking at a Virus that maybe is hellbent on Destroying Mankind itself.  Much more highly contagious and MUTATING into worse and even More Deadly Viruses! 

America’s Re-Opening may come back to be Real-Time Buggery!  And intended or not. It’s here for all of us.

I hated to read this complete Study that is about as scary as it comes.  It’s way beyond scary because the implications for a Vaccine have just been horribly changed.  Terribly changed.  And why is that?  By the time one Vaccine is Ready, the Latest Mutated Version may be totally resistant to it.  And it gets worse…

As all in Life, man will survive, but how he does may have just been changed.  But it’s still early to see how far this Virus and it’s Mutated Buddies will go and how effectively man fights back. 

So, no, it’s still too early to get more upset than a good Fart.  Yes, a good fart.  And why is that?  Man CAN’T always pick his Bed Partners.  And Masks Wearing may be in our lives Forever.

But again. We will see what we will see.  Let’s hope our Men and Women, our best will beat the Best Enemy mankind has come across in a long time.  Yes. A very good enemy that is killing and causing so much pain now in the World.  And on a very positive Note, all of us may need to take a multiple of Vaccines.  Some maybe at the same time.  This might work.