Is Coronavirus Genome Sequencing being HIJACKED?

Fairly strong Lead Title for sure.  And I know, I know, I know.  Already you’re wondering which Rabbit Hole we’ll be chasing down this time?  Right?  But actually, I’m getting tired of reading things that are now just not mixing to make the batter right.  Yes, I’m now seeing seemingly Scientific Research with all the earmarks of being bonafided.  But then, a month later, another batch of new Research comes out with a glaring face of Truth which totally disputed the previous Post.  And I find that alarming.  But who is changing the Game?  

First-Off, I’m now believing that No Scientific Data should be Released until it is PEER REVIEWED. Period!  And because the name of Today’s Game is First Out, First Believed!  And so the story goes…

But what I am now reading across the Internet in Front Doors and slipping out the Back Doors are Research Abstracts that’s now routinely are pointing to the benefit of Various different Governments.  And that points to Data Hijacking.  Hijacking for the benefit of the Hijackers.  And why would anyone do that?  Hijack and Release Information that can be Refuted later.  But before it is, the Damage has already been done.  

And another item I find perplexing is not every Research steam is using the same Starting Point to begin their Genome Sequencing.  Well, that’s for sure going to allow a different Abstract Conclusion to be spun.  Some are also skipping a Wuhan place of earliest known origin.  But later research shows, yes, it could have NOT been exactly Wuhan. But this same Research still comes hauntingly back to China as the Source of Origination.  

But even this Research cannot refute that this Deadliest of all Viruses in World’s Coronavirus is still being ultimately traced to Wuhan, China.  The only true question of all Genome Sequencing needs to be to Find the Person of Original Infection.  PERIOD!  The very. Very 1st one!  And that might help find the What or Where and HOW that person contracted this Virus.  But it’s not looking good so far on that one and why is that?

Simple.  China doesn’t want the Finger of Blame pointing to China. To their Front Door.  Well, it’s there already and nothing, short of a Miracle will change THAT.  It’s stuck on them like Chuck. Stuck like Chuck.  BUT, that is an issue that will continue to get Uglier as the World’s Death Toll continues skyrocketing. 

And if the Virus comes back to bite the World in the BUTT a 2nd Time, then the World’s Patience Level will be Tested like never BEFORE.  Far Worse than it is developing into at the present time.  And then the Anger.  Yes, the World’s Anger will be set ablaze.  And I’m talking Totally Pissed-Off NOW.   But hopefully, the Death Toll WON’T go far more than three MILLION by the End of the 2nd or 3rd Wave. 

👉🇨🇳 👈👀👎🙈🙉🙊💀🤔🤐🤕🤒🤒🤒🤒

Lab Created? On purpose?  No, but there was a GRANT being used by the Wuhan (Bio-Weapons as used by some, but I DON’T know if it is) Lab to study Coronaviruses.  And they had gathered the Mother-Lode of most Lab Contained different Coronaviruses in the World.  The absolute MOST!  And guess WHAT?  The GRANT was HALTED! SHUTDOWN!

And you DON’T pull a Multi-Million Dollar Grant unless there is a real concern with exactly what kind of Research is being conducted.  But the Grant Money is gone, and now, the World has COVID-19.  A connection?  Highly probable.  Highly most likely.  But I’ve already discussed that in an earlier write.  But if so, no one will ever admit it. 

And the ones feverishly defending that no Lab produces Coronavirus need to step up to the Mirror and when they do, they must ask themselves this-Where is My FROM NATURE PROOF?  Where in Nature did this happen?  Which Marble do I pull out of my bag of Marbles today?  I know I have no proof, but I want to add fuel to the Lad Drama by helplessly defending it because I want to be part of a Cause.  Lol

You WON’T find it.  Why? 

The Odds game pretty well proves it. A million to one Odds or a Billion to One Odds says it all. 

But what’s interesting is how some Researchers are tossing the Genome Sequencing in such a way to suggest the Virus came from another place.  Some are pointing the finger at one Country in Europe.  They are Hijacking the Data.  Hijacking it so it can be used as they deem it to be necessary.  To their Benefit or the benefit of CHINA?  Games, games, GAMES. 

We’re gonna see all of it before this Virus is defeated.  And then, what’s next?  A famine?  A War?  Don’t worry, something will jump out. 

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