Hush…what’s that Sound? Everyone stop and turn around…


If you went Online these Last Ten Days, you got bombarded by a ton of Gloomy, Doomy, disappointing NEWS!  And it’s ONLY growing to the Greatest Fever-Pitched Hail Storm of all times.  Gloom and Doom all about Death. Horrible Pictures of Dead Bodies on Gurneys.  Horror Stories.  Tales of the Dead walking out of the Hospitals looking for relatives to say Goodbye to.  And blaming is gearing up for even Uglier Rounds.  Tales of this Virus correspondence saying its coming back in an even Meaner Deadly Form far worse than the Spanish Flu.  I mean, the Bad News just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. 

But, that’s not what I’m finding.  All I’m seeing now are the Retelling the Tales all anew from different Points of View.  And why is THAT?  Man is funny in that his mindful digestion of information lasts for about TWO WEEKS.  So, every two weeks, man is presented the same or similar News, but News with different twists and different endings.  But some are unavoidably correct.  Actual, real infection numbers are useful, but not as much as the numbers of the Dead.  Numbers of Dead Folk don’t Lie.  I guess maybe out of respect for their being Dead.  And not to mention all the Tales of how it’s not nice to talk of the Dead.  

And just a glimpse on one tale churns the magical juice for an even bigger more twisted tale.  Truthful?  Fake?  Or just Good Bull or words written like a Beast Slayer.  But the Greatest Beast Slayer will be a CURE or Vaccine.  And the World ever so interwoven by rods or even mere strings barely visible holds mankind’s connecting glues.  Glues holding ties to Tourism.  Ties to trade exchanges.  Trades in Love and in War.  No matter where they may lay, mankind of all Races need each other.  And although now, mankind sees how vulnerable he is, there are those still planning Wars with other Countries instead of finding peace.  Yes. Peace for all. 

Peace for all is such a strange word because it means different things to different people.  And it, like Love has been written for thousands of years.  And who, pray tell will write the Best explanation of what the World went thru?  And will each Nation write their own Version along the lines of Political Salvation?  Religious Salvation? A truthful Tale spun from Human Sufferings?  From Heroic Experiences?  And the ones claiming that THEY TOO WERE ON THE FRONT LINES.  Many a fool will claim false knowledge because they want to see the expression on your faces, our faces, because all will be caught, as they spin their Spider’s Web of Deceit upon all of their Victims, even you and I.  A fool’s tale for money?  A fool’s tale for money?  And then, we will come to the same End.  All of us will. 

Another grouping of Various Generations from all over the World will be able to say they too, count us all, were part of a Pandemic.  And the tears, the crying, will continue until they too are forgotten and…

the next Pandemic will once again Awaken and comes upon the World.  But I do hope Great Writing will come about.  New and Great Writers like Hemingway, Faulkner, and the likes.  But mostly, I hope all will get a chance to show their feats of good writing.  And if you are one, I can only say-Start Your Drafts, get all those Essays and Daily Journals going, not down notes, and however you can get your words down for future Generations to READ about