Where from here? 31.7 % of Americans Polled say they ain’t “Jobbing” without a Vaccine!

All eyes are now watching the News like it was Candy Cake.  Yes, but not in a happy way.  Sure, our Daily Addict need to be fed the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  There’s no end to all of it.  


1.  Jobs.

2.  Food

3.  Gun-Totting Protectors.

4.  Daily Infection Tolls.  Total Death Tolls.

5.  Vaccine News.

6.  Searches for Shows, for Movies.

7.  Searches for Jobs.  And 31.7% of American Workers say they ARE NOT returning to Work of any kind until there is a


Wow!  31.7%.  That’s an Economy Killer or crusher for sure.  But even Sterile Water will be promoted as a Vaccine before that is allowed to happen…(smh)