Did you know that K2, the synthetic Weed, the synthetic Marijuana has over 700 different Street Names?  And it’s a KILLER.  It’s one bad, deadly mutha.

700 Street Names for Synthetic Marijuana (Spice, K2, etc.)

Now, that’s some Bullshit.  But it does say something.  Yes, it does and that is it says that this Viciously Violence Causing Street Drug has grown too much.  Gone too far.

Yes, it proves Selling and Smoking this Deadly Drug has grown exponentially to a point it is Polluting Our Society and causing irreversible issues and problems.  Not to mention, this K2 causes the User to become VIOLENT.  Yes, Violent.  And they cannot act right.  They cannot talk or walk or think right.  It’s a messy, messy, mind-twisting, messy Drug and it has horrible consequences.  It kills you too.  It’s terrible.  I mean, what Society has the right to Allow such an incredibly humanitarian crippling Drug to be bought and sold thru clandestine means to be unleashed upon its Citizens?  Unleashing its crippling affects upon our youth.  How can the same Society ask Law Enforcement to come head to head, to go head to head, with these Crazy Wired-Up individuals and then turn its Heads on them too?  It’s NOT FAIR!  It’s not realistic.  It’s not a good thing.  But it also shows Society is using Marijuana and the Much Dangerous Synthetic Marijuana.  It’s what Society is doing.  Forget about clamping down on Society.  America is SMOKING WEED.  This is what America is doing and yet, Dinosaurs unwilling to change the Rhetoric, to change their Viewpoints , Dinosaurs unwilling to see the New Landscape on plain Marijuana keeps America in a State of Total Frustration.  Well,  COVID-19 has forced All of America to stay home and it has forced Americans to think.  Yes, I’m talking real thinking.  Not Tiddly-Winks Thinking.  And when Americans think, they will want answers, but more importantly, they will want change.  And that change is simple.  Keep K2 Illegal, but Legalize plain Marijuana.  It’s far past time to keep rubbing knees while the Country Bleeds.  Yes, there is a tremendous need for Resurrection on this simplistic Issue.  And one Illegal Drug can be significantly nipped in the bud by Legalization of the plain one, the one Mother Nature out there put here for mankind to enjoy.  Yes, to enjoy.  And some States have Legalized a Smokers Amount and that’s all I am trying to get into that thick skull of some who would rather have Police risking their lives over what?  Their lives over Smoking Pot?  But which Pot?  See, there is no need for the Risk of Loss of Life over Plain Smoking Pot.  And if you Legalize Plain Pot, the K2 will dry up.  K2 is a Violent Man’s Drug.  It causes hallucinations and makes a person VIOLENT causing a need for Law Enforcement Intervention.  And could COST the lives of wonderful men and women who could Die from it. 

And no, I didn’t even mention the lopsidedness of Locking-Up a Black or Hispanic Person a hundred times more often than a White person caught for the same with K2 or plain Marijuana.  Is this fair?  Is this right?  Is this an Explanation Point on Our Society?  White, being White, is the correct and proper Color to be?  All others must go to the Back of the Bus?  Now. Have I Opened your Eyes to a very, very Unlawful Practice of a  further Continuance of the Jim Crowe Laws.  The Laws expressively written to Degrade and Destroy a Minority.  And now, over both K2 and plain Marijuana. 

Folks, I put K2 in the same category as Heroin.  I do not see a need to Police a Smoking Man’s use of a Mother Nature Produced Plant that is NOT anywhere near the same Category as Heroin.  Plain Marijuana cannot continue to Occupy the Same Plate in the Justice System as Heroin.  Plain Marijuana is what Society is doing.  To keep it illegal makes millions of Americans criminals and they are only doing what they no longer believe is illegal. They no longer find this criminal behavior.  So. Isn’t it time to Free all the Criminals?  The criminals at home using plain Marijuana?  I think America needs a Political Changing of the Guards in order to get this one right.  But you never can if YOU DO NOT VOTE!