Siffulling Gasoline…

Right now, many all over the World are in s strange situation unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.  And the words you can Label this time range from funny, to stupid, and to unconventional wisdom.  But which one we allow ourselves to grasp depends a great deal on what we emphasize.  And like all Humans, none of us can run away from the Fact that we act like Humans.  Some of us are strongly good and even magnificent.  But others may barely be making it across the Daily Finish Line.  But all must finish.  And sure, strokes, heart attacks, and mental or health issues may prevent a beautiful finish each day.  Or a finish at all.  And our ponderings continue.  Did you know siffulling wasn’t even a real word. Or you might call it siffelling. I know. I know. I KNOW.  Where did that Word come from?  I know, it’s not even showing up on your Auto Correct in how to spell it.

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Well, it’s very simple once explained. 

Yesterday, I told my wife about my catching another College Student siffulling a can of gas out of my 1965 El Camino Truck.  And sure, I was upset and disappointed.  

I asked him why the hell he was siffelling Gasoline out of my Truck?

He told me he needed the Gasoline and that Jack Friday, our Landlord, had given this kid the can and the hose so he could siffull that gas.  And he even told the Butthead which car to get it from.  A really nice Jackass.

But then here come out my wife to attack my way of talking instead of just being a good Listener.  Dang, it reminded me of another woman who got all Swull-up when I asked her if she wanted a Grape Soda Water. And that other woman went two sides of Tuesday on me.  I hate to say it, but she’d gone straight from happy and nice to instant competitor for Bitch of the Day.  Or Week?  Or Month?  But she latched into my butt for WRONG word use that her pretty little ears hadn’t been raised around to ever hear.  And then, here we go back to siffelling Gasoline.

The proper word is siphoning.

I said sure’nough.  I said siffelling.

No you did not.

Oh yeah I did.

Then spell it

Okay, it’s S I P H O N I N G.

Right.  So what happened?

Well hell. I caught the kid siffelling gasoline out of my car.

SIPHONING!!! The word is Siphoning.

I know and that’s what I caught him doing.  Have I ever told you this story before?

And of course, she was now starting to stew.  And sure, I could tell. But then she shut up.

Anyhow, I told the kid to put the gas back in my car or face me straight-up and get his butt whipped.  And he put the gas back and then I told him to get the Gasoline he needed out of Jack Friday’s car.  And it was an awesome Jaguar. And this stupid kid got 5 gallons out of Jack’s car.

And after that, I didn’t have any more gasoline missing from my car. And I’m sure Jack must have figured out the kid had stolen the Gasoline out of his car because he evicted the kid at the end of the month.  All of that cause he was siffelling Gasoline out of my Truck.


See you know the word too now and what it means.

But then the phone rang and it was my daughter who’d gone to the Doctor.

Dad, the Doctor said I had Strep Throat

So, you got Strap Throat.  He give you some meds.

The word is S T R E P, not Strap Throat.

You listening in on my call?  This is me and our daughter. Okay, you wanna hear too.

And I put the Call on Speakerphone.

So, you got Strap Throat.

Yes, and he gave me some meds.

It’s Strep Throat, Not Strap Throat.

Dear, did you have Strap Throat or not?

Dad, I had Strep Throat.

See, she’s got Strap Throat.

And my daughter and I laughed.  But my wife DID’NT.  She was stoking now.

But that was yesterday.  Lol

C, u already done forgot all about your worries.