How to Keep COVID-19 Worker Anxiety Down. Go Part-Time for all Employees! No Layoffs!

Here in America, the Stock Market hasn’t even been hit hard yet.  I’m talking 1970s Hard.  I’m talking, some folks are going to watch their Nutts get ripped-off.  And those are the ones totally engaged in the Stock Market. And that Ball Busting is coming when the State’s and Feds begin their Massive Layoffs.  I’m talking the Big Salaried Folks being hit brutally.  Yes, they are going to be hit incredibly hard when they find that their Number has finally come up.  Yes, they got the Call, the Text, the Email, the Letter, the Pat on the Back, and then-Goodbye, thanks for all your hard work that you did for us. 

Yes, times are gonna get worse when States put a number of what their New Budget is after COVID-19 blew a huge hole thru it.  And many are gonna be begging for Federal Money, but it’s not coming.  But Laying-Off is NOT THE ANSWER.

But what I DON’T understand is why the State’s and Feds DON’T go Part-Time right now in all Jobs capable of being turned into a Part Time Position for the ENTIRE Workforce and KEEP EVERYONE ON.  Yes, many companies, many of them should THINK COVID-19 Ideology.  DON’T let this Virus beat Your Company!

A Part-Time check is far better than NO CHECK.  NO INCOME coming in. Hair Salons and Spas and Tattoo Artists should have APPOINTMENTS ONLY!  And stay OPEN! Even with no benefits until the Economy can allow everyone to go back to full time. A Part-Time Check is better than Workers Compensated Monies which would be even less money. Or No Money. Part-Time will get you by, but More Importantly, it will help keep COVID-19 Worker Anxiety down. 

Going from 100% to 50% for All Employees WON’T be a Pretty Suggestion.  But this is a Drastic Situation.  Many workers may still come to work anyway without pay to help the Company stay Sound.  And that’s Okay.  This is not a Permanent Solution.  Companies need to Draw up a Short Term EMERGENCY Contingency Plan and Part-Time will WORK.  Yes, I’ve put the figures to it and it does compute.  This will keep America in a far better situation than just Laying-Off folks and expect them to jump to come back? 

No. That’s not going to be the case. They are gonna leave.  When schools are back going full speed, I fear the Virus will be too.  But I hope the Summer Months and Summer Heat will help Eliminate this Virus.  But we’ll all see soon enough.