Going to the Doctor is Gonna Surprise YOU!

Okay, I hurt or injured my leg three weeks ago and I, like many others, worried about COVID-19 and getting anywhere close to any place that might have give it and possibly give it to me.  Why?  Why the wait?  Over 65 and AT-RISK?  Yes, I am and yes, I have them all. 

So, Tuesday, I called and made an Appointment to see my Doctor.  On Thursday, I went.  And outside the Main Building, there was a QUESTION and ANSWER STATION with two Employees there waiting just for me and you or anyone that planned to go into the Building.

And after a series of COVID-19 related QUESTIONS, if all answers given were NO, I guess you got to go in.  I’m not sure what happened if you answered one with a YES.  I answered all with a NO Response, I was allowed to Enter.  And when you went inside, you were asked the Same Questions a 2nd Time by the Registration Receptionist.  And then, you went to sit in the waiting area with 20 other people.  Lord, I was amazed to see how many people were there to see the Doctors.  There were many waiting to have Lab Work done also.  I really didn’t expect to see this many.  After a wait, I was taken back to await in a Patient Room.  But while there, I heard a Doctor talking to a Nurse say this though the Walls-

Call the Emergency Room and let them know they’re coming,  I’m going back in to tell them to go there NOW.

And words like that doesn’t make a Patient feel good and it made me more awake than I was before. I said nothing about it.  Part of me didn’t want to hear possible COVID-19. So, I did not ask.

And I saw the Doctor and then off to get an X-Ray I went.  And soon, I was talking to the X-Ray Receptionist and as we talked, I turned to look thru the windows where we both could see two separate Reception Questioning Tables outside mounted by Gallant and very worried workers. Both groups of two workers each ready to Ask their Questions and what pray might I ask do they say or do when the one they Question says YES to a question?  Do they throw-up their arms and run away or does a sudden feeling of High Anxiety enter them? And then I asked the Receptionist- 

That’s about the strangest thing, the strangest sight I’ve ever seen.

And the Receptionist said-Oh God yes.  It’s scary.  It’s so scary.

And I looked at her and she was showing a face of being very upset.  Then I went and had the X-Ray.  And after that, I looked at the very good mask the Technician had covering her face.  I asked-

Do you have plenty of those Masks.

She responded.

God no, this is my Thursday Mask.

Thursday Mask?

We are using Our Reserve Masks and Re-Use them.  We have a Box for every day.

We use our Monday Mask on Monday and then put it in the Monday Box at the end of the Day.

On Tuesday. We get a used Mask out of the Tuesday Box.

And we got a Box for every day.

And I shook my head and left.  I wasn’t much better doing the same thing.  I have two Masks.  Both from Woodworking and they had sat in the Garage for six years.  Then when I use my Mask one day a week in town, I toss it in the back seat to use the next week after I’m done.  And it sits there for 7 days before I use either again.  No, they are not washable. 

So, everyone is doing the best they can do.