The Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is an Amalgamation…but whose?


An exert-

If COVID-19 follows a pattern set by the 1918 Spanish flu, the pandemic is likely to last up to two years and return with a vengeance this fall and winter – a second wave worse than the first, according to a study issued from the University of Minnesota.

States, territories and tribal health authorities should plan for the worst-case scenario,” warns the report out of the university’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, “including no vaccine availability or herd immunity.”


Make no mistake.  There was an Amalgamation of Two Separate Unidentifiable Viruses (I put unidentifiable, but two Viruses do standout above all the rest) that Created the Deadliest Virus known to Modern Mankind.  Yes, this now appears to be the reason behind the Greatest mystery still puzzling the Greatest of Minds.  Yes, it was an Amalgamation.  It is an Amalgamation.

Amalgamation-an odd strange sounding word meaning “a combing”.  A Combing.  Yes, a strange word and the thing about the word is this-it’s about a million to one or maybe a Billion to One Odds of this occurring thru Natural Selection in the Wild. All by itself.  No, not hardly. Just can’t see that one taking place at all. But anyone can differ…

No, this one had the best and most likely avenue of taking place in a Lab where Coronaviruses was already being Stored.  A Lab that was already WARNED of not taking or not having enough Safety Measures in place to prevent an Amalgamation from taking place. Yes, they were forewarned. They were WARNED! And Unsafe Safety Measures caused most likely this accidental Amalgamation.  But it does depend on how the wind blows as to what you come away with as to ON PURPOSE or Caused by an Accident?  An accidental Amalgamation of Two Viruses?

Forewarned-is Another strange word that People usually DON’T observe or Listen to unless their Life is in immediate Danger.  So, forewarned or not, no one ever thought such an Amalgamation could ever take place.  The odds were incredibly high.  When a person gets a Warning Ticket, they think they are lucky. But they were forewarned and still continue to do the same thing.  But forewarned or not, surely an Amalgamation would never happen.

But then it did.  Two Viruses were gathered, on purpose or not, most likely accidentally, together at the very same moment and an Amalgamation took place.  An Amalgamation was created.  Strong Evidence for such has already been presented to the Reader in an earlier Post.  But did you miss it?  And the result of this is now the New CORONAVIRUS that is an Amalgamation that causes COVID-19. 

Forget the Bat.  Forget the Pangolin.  And both are known Carriers of Coronaviruses.  Forget any of the nearly 96% genome sequencing that both carry and resemble the current Deadly Amalgamation.  The two alone are similar.  Very similar.  But there is not enough to say much more of anything else.

But then, it gets interesting or troubling depending on your Point Of View.

Scientifically, there has to be one more thing.  It has to be an Amalgamation of Two Known Coronaviruses.  Two that are very similar in genome sequencing and then cram them into a space where an Amalgamation was forced to take place and you have just given birth or Created the New Death Virus. 

Yes, you have done what Baron Von Frankenstein could not. 

You have just created Walking Death.  And then, this is where I think the real mystery begins and it is shrouded or Might even be shielded in such Secrecy that the Origin will never be Released. Why would you let the World know of a Lab SNAFU?  A Lab Snafu?  And I cannot, for the Life of me even allow myself to even contemplate this New Amalgamation was deliberately released. Or deliberately created.  Or spliced together.  Spliced?  No, that is the wrong word completely.  But then…

So, I prefer now to say that the Release of this Amalgamation was accidental.  Accidentally released and very well might actually never have been known that it had been released until After the Fact. And now, only an Idiot would admit the truth behind this Amalgamation.  No Government or Lab would ever admit responsibility for this Amalgamation now. 

No way in Hell. 

By doing so now would raise unbelievable Liabilities of debt to families and to other Countries.  But, I know, I know, I know.  HOW did I come to even write such a thing?  Well, if you look thru all the Scientific Data I have already Posted in previous Blog Posts, you’d know how I came to this conclusion.  Yes, it’s all there in my past Posts if you need further information to see how I came to this what seems like a cat chasing its tail.  But sadly, the evidence is now starting to confirm what I am now seeing.  It’s the only explained.

And to blame anyone is ridiculous because the Guilty will never come clean.  I can see both a deliberate creation and an accidental creation of this Amalgamation.  But now, no one will ever find out the true spot of creation or the releasing Point of this Amalgamation.  It would be UNSAFE to do either now.  I do believe that now.  So much negativity would come from it. 

Where and When and How this Amalgamation came about to be in the hands of the Public will now never be Released.  Only the fools would say so now.  Oh well. It is what it is now.  But alarmingly, even more EVIDENCE pointing to a Lab is when you go backwards and start erasing your footsteps.  You know, you commit murder and you walk in your Victim’s Blood and leave a blood trail.  You scream, you cry you are Innocent.  And then someone points the finger of Guilt in your Direction and they show you pictures. 

And suddenly, you go back and begin erasing the EVIDENCE.  And now, here’s more proof-

So, who does that if you AIN’T GUILTY as Sin?