No one can Cooperate if they are engaged in the Blame Game!


Time to Stop all the Should-Have-Beens-this-Way-OR-that Way.    No matter how it went Down, no matter what took place, no matter how pissed-off you have gotten in this Home Lockdown-TIME TO GET DA FUK OVER IT!

Time to Let Go!  Take those deep, slow breathing exercises and close your eyes and even be in a dark room.  I promise YOU. 

It’s all coming down to God’s Big Plan for all of us. His plan for you and for me and for all of us. 

Now, let me tell you what I’m seeing.  Just today, I went to get groceries and my shopping Cart had a nasty gooey substance on the entire length of the handle.  Then I looked around and there were no Disinfectant Wipes to wipe the handle. 

And then I saw a man as Old as me wiping his handle on his shopping Cart and he had a large Bag of Wipes and I asked him if I could get one and he said-

lion head
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NO, FUK U YOU LONG HAIRED PIECE OF SHIT! I actually smiled and smiled and almost laughed.  (Remember the Song-Hair?)

I then said-And me, a U.S. Army Veteran and I did that for you…and I walked away as I shook my head.

But as I walked around the Store, I saw a different expression on the faces of lots of people.  And these expressions were those of Anger.  Or maybe it was disgust.  I’m not totally sure how to describe it.   But they were NOT HAPPY and very unlike what they were last week.  Even the Checkout Woman I’ve known for over ten years was in a hissy-fit.  Very unlike her.  Spending all your time unloading hate-filled thoughts and words aren’t cool.  We know that, but sometimes, someone needs to remind us to see the Roses still there and yes. They are there to see.

But on a very good note, my wife and I went thru McDonald’s and the same lady from a foreign Country was there giving us our food and drinks.  And she was all smiles and as pleasant a person as I’ve ever seen or talked to. 

But now, how can you fix the tremendous amount of unheavel coming at all of us like a Freight Train.  And everyone has that strange, unnerving feeling that one of our feet is caught on that track and we just CAN’T get away.  And it’s barreling down the tracks right at us. 

Okay, we may feel that way.  But in all likelihood, it’s not that way in actuality.  It’s not that way.  I’d say 95% of it is not that way.  And I’m only giving 5% to the Mental Conjunctions.  It’s just negative inputs we’ve been bombarded with.  And we can’t get it out of our minds because we’re getting hit hard FROM all we see.  So, right now. Back down on your Brain’s input of things that upset ya. 

And don’t try to figure it all out.  DON’T try to Master Plan Your World’s controlling inputs.  Why?  Most likely you, Like all of us, are so far down on the Input List that it’s not even worth contemplating about.  Not worth the bother. 

No one can Cooperate if they are locked in only the Blame Game. 

So, like I already said-

TIME TO GET DA FUK OVER IT.  Hate-filled talk and looks can’t become your new way of being.  Be nice.  Be a good person.



LOVE yourself and others. 

We DON’T need to be pissed at each other when we’re really not way.


💘 👀 👍



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