The IMPASSE still halting Captain Brett Crozier’s return to the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT ain’t the Military.

After watching a Captain ask more requests for aid for the Sailors on his embattered Ship, all of us Saw Him Fired instead of rallying behind him.

Trump cannot ADMIT HIS MISTAKES!!!

He pays to keep their Mouths Shut!

Or fires them!


MODLY was a Certified “Yes Trump Man” Appointee who was chastised by the crew of the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT when he called Captain Crozier NAIVE AND STUPID!

SO, Modly, publicly criticized-QUIT!

He was wrong and HE QUIT!

Now a STILL PISSED-OFF TRUMP is out for BLOOD!!!  But real men will step back at times so they can see the entire picture.

Trump even jumped into the fray and totally supported his boy, Modly.  And I applaud that.  But Trump should not be in the mix.  This shows he has no trust in Our Military Leaders.

SO, where’s the Real IMPASSE?

And if he’s not Reinstated, God forgive us if we DON’T get Trump out of Office.  I believe Biden will reinstate him when he becomes President.

I fear Trump will lose a War for America as he has shown us how he Handles a CIVID-19 Crisis and makes impulsive decisions before Fact-Checking.

If he is reinstated, I’ll be IMPRESSED! And I’ll eat my words.

But, Trump still has the time to intervene and do the right thing.  Captain Crozier is considered a Hero by his Ship’s crew.  And Trump could embrace that same love if he Reinstated Captain Crozier as soon as the man is over his COVID-19 Infection.

Here’s an EXERT-

Though the Navy has recommended that Crozier be reinstated, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley wants a “full-blown investigation” into the events leading up to the Crozier’s ouster, a pair of Pentagon sources told Politico…President Trump has signaled that he might step into the investigation, but the officials told Politico that has yet to happen.

NO ONE is allowed to Upstage…?