Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?

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Hey Buddy, can you spare a dime?


The living breathing James Brown

US Army Veteran



          As I walked over to my son, I then leaned over and touched him on his right shoulder, his wife and two kids were asleep on the other side of him on an old twin bed.

You still asleep?

No, been awake for a while now and I’m ready.

You ready, I hope everyone else is too.

Then the two of us walked out of the House and I talked over to my One Ton Dually and as soon as I started the motor, I could hear the motors on the other vehicles starting-up too.  And as I sat there, I just shook my head a little bit and this was my 1st time to really Clock In on the Criminal Scene.  Yes, today, over six families and over 18 hungry mouths were going to be counting on the Success of this Night Raid.  Yes, the Night Raid on the Local Grocery Store and baby, there was now No Turning Back as I pulled the On/Off Switch on the headlights to the On Position and the lights Lit Up the Front Yard and the other five vehicles-two ½ half ton Trucks-a Ford and a Gm, two Vans, and a mid-size car all turned ON their Headlights too.

You know, there’s No Turning Back Now!

I know, Dad.  I know.

I guess we both Know and we both knew that there was NO TURNING BACK NOW, but did we have any other Choices?

Our families didn’t QUALIFY for any Stimulus Checks and the Food Banks had cut down to One Vehicle a family now only once every two weeks. 

Suddenly, a family of six had to get by on 25lbs of Food for two weeks and the bellies on my own grandchildren were now showing signs of starvation with a strange puffiness.  It was a sad sight to see their bellies so puffy now.  And their drawled-up faces.  I didn’t ever think I’d ever see that in my lifetime.

It was a horrible sight and the Electricity was now cut-off too.  IT was suddenly getting worst than from when my own father had brought here from Mexico 22 years ago.  I made the U.S. Citizenship Requirements and he and my mother were Deported under President Trump just last week.  I never expected to be sitting in a Deportation Center for six weeks with them before a Lawyer got my and my wife and my kids Citizenship papers and the kids Birth certificates. I can still remember seeing my mother and father both saying No Mas repeatedly.

Yeah, they had had enough of the days and nights always living in a Country so Proudly displaying all of their Freedoms to the World and their Citizens, but they left out my father and mother who had worked on a ten thousand acre Farm for all of their time here in America.  You’d think that the owner would have got them their Citizenship Papers too.   but he talked a good talk, but his words were just good sounding words that didn’t translate unless it was in Profit Talking. But they couldn’t keep my wife and my kids.  My parents had already PAID IN FULL for our being here and for a time, I considered just up and leaving America behind.  But I had served in the U.S. Army in Iraq for six Tours and I felt a strange connection to this place that I believed was a good place.

Suddenly, all the time I was just trying to make ends work, I wasn’t watching what was going on all around me until last night when I knew I had to make a stand or watch my kids die.

COVID-19 came and it stuck around way too long and the Government wasn’t fixing the right stuff for all of us to make it.  Even our last six years of income had all been in CASH from the Farmer who always worked a deal out so he never PAID any Income Tax, but I don’t know how that was.  I never much thought about it, but he always bragged he was smart, oh so smart than even the U.S. Government.

But as I drove, the other vehicles followed me in a single line and I knew that what we were going to be doing was WRONG, but hey, I had no other choice.  I tried and tried to get help, but no, they did no give us Out of Work Payments like the Tractor Mechanics got on the Farm and I don’t know how they got them and we didn’t.  I thought everyone was being paid in CASH ONLY and my father said it was Okay because he had always taken his money that way too.

Then I took one long slow breath as I turned behind the shopping Center and then I drove behind the Big Grocery Store’s Rear Entrance.  And then as soon as I got to the back door, the loading area, I stopped the Big Old Truck and I got out.  And as I got out, I saw everyone stop too and I waved them to come quickly.  I then spoke in Spanish, but I will keep this in English for you to READ.

Hurry UP!  Get over here now.  And then I turned and grabbed a large six foot pry bar out of the back of my truck.  I then quickly jabbed the end into the where the two back doors met each other and in one quick jerk backwards, the doors sprang open.  And then I tossed the Bar back into the truck.

Quickly, grab shopping Carts and fill them as fast as you can with all that we need. I told everyone.

I then went inside as well.  I had already given each group specific items to grab so that this was a once in a six week period event.  But as I walked in, I saw cases of things that we needed and I then grabbed a Dollie and started to stack Cases on Top of each other. 

In no time I had fifteen cases on top of each other.  I had beans of all kinds, canned meats of all kinds and all other kinds of stuff.  And I pulled the Dollie outside to my truck and as I finished it, the group of early morning robbers or shoppers or Survivors all got the back door at the same time.

In no time, all of us had the stuff unloaded and the group of us went back in for a second trip of food needs and such.  We didn’t get Eggs, we had plenty of chickens .  WE didn’t get fresh garden vegetables, we didn’t eat a lot of them.  But we did get about 500 lbs. of Potatoes.  And a hundred pounds of Onions and all the peppers they had.  WE got cases of soda too and tons of medicines like Aspirin and Tylenol and antibiotic creams and Cerveza.  Lots of Cerveza.  I knew I would need a few six-packs to help me forget of this night.  This was a night I had not anticipated.  A night I did not want to happen.  But we were fully in it now.

But was our robbing really a sin?  We took no guns.  Was robbing to Live a Sin?  I pondered earlier how bad a Prison Time I would get if we were caught.  But no food and only a few tortillas left meant the worst of all of it.  I mean, we had a spot way back on the farm that no one ever came to because we were I guess just like some form of Coyote Manure to be worked, but not to ever be seen otherwise.  Well, they did have a Christmas Calf that they gave us to cook for Christmas and it had to feed 40 of us.  But we were always thankful to get it.  But Christmas was a long way away now and they watched all the Cows now doing a running Head Count on all of them all the time now like they were Gold.

Then we were finished and my truck was now sitting down just a bit with a heavy load of cases and cases and cases. 

The car and Vans and trucks looked loaded down now for sure.  And then I told everyone to

Load-Up!  We got to get…and we did.

By sunrise, we had all the vehicles back home and unloaded.  Even if they suspected us now, they would never drive all the way into the Mexican Encampment way back into the back of the farm that the Gringos hated to visit us anyways.  Well, not all of them.  The Farmer and his sons were Okay, they worked right alongside of us and the youngest married one of the older Couple’s grand-daughter.  I would never thought that possible, but he was the one who learned to Speak Tex-Mex as some call it the best and he and she just simply loved each other and race and skin tone and such didn’t matter to those two and they came here all the time and all of us knew that he was to be trusted and he trusted us and he would never Rat Us Out.  But even they didn’t know how desperate the situation had finally gotten back here in our Hidden Hole in the World. By mid-summer, Nationalist Groups or ones claiming to be had their membership doubling almost monthly and I wondered what sorts of crimes they would be engaging in.

And I sometimes shake my head when I think of those still risking it all to come here and why?  Why I ask?  Is there World really that bad that they come here?  And when the Farmer filed for bankruptcy, he stopped paying us, but he did give us a place to live and then they finally cut the Electricity off and that was a sad night when they did that.

But every now and then, we had already had travelers coming thru from up North telling us how there were Daytime Raids on Grocery Stores up there where twenty or thirty People were just going into a Super-Market and then all of them would leave at the same time and they had no way to stop all of them and he ones that they did stop just walked away telling them that they were STARVING.  THEIR FAMILIES WERE STARVING!  There were even tales of folks in groups running  in and back out with only one or two items.

It was a mess and the 2nd Wave of COVID-19 was Unstoppable as Everyone went full blown crazy to survive.  I mean the POSTS of gun Totting Men and Women Defending their Homes was on the News all the Time now.  And why?

Other families were now Crashing Homes for Food.  Just for Food and if you didn’t put up a fight, they didn’t hurt you and they even would leave you some food, but when they left, You sure had less than you had before and it was the saddest of times.  The very saddest of all Times.

And I now laugh when I hear someone jokingly or sarcastically say-We’re all in this Together. 

I thought so at first, but I soon realized that we were a long way from all of us being in this together.  No, we never were all in this together.  They were just using pretty phrases that the Gov. said to use to keep the Masses from doing what they finally did anyway.  And now, I do wonder if we are going to be headed into a Real Revolution or Civil War?  Armies are now decimated by the COVID-19 and so are Law Enforcement and the Nurses and Doctors didn’t come out like they did in the 1st COVID-19.  The 2nd COVID-19 Pandemic was far more Deadlier with a 37% Mortality Rate and that was some horrible dying.

And this week, I know I am to die.  I have it and I just wanted to say-


Juan Ramirez

U.S. Army Veteran. Proud Mexican!


NOTE:  the above is a fictitious tale I saw in a Dream last night and I wanted to share it with you.  It was strange and it was odd and most of my Dreams do not come to be…well, most of them.  But it should stand out as a Stout Reminder of What Man is capable of doing when he or she needs or is forced to do.  And at what point would you steal food?  And this is in Any place in the World.

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