Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 will be the Most Important Date EVER!!!

Election!  The Greatest One!

Maybe the Greatest Day in American History! 

And Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 will be the greatest Emotional Roller Coaster Ride for millions of Americans taking to the Polls.  The Voting Booths.

A Great One!  Yes, great indeed. Very, very great a thing I see coming. And eyes unseen will also be watching.

All eyes will be cast on TV and Cell Phones watching every single State’s Results. 

All will want to know. 

All will be watching. 

All will be consumed.  Yes, consumed with furious emotional feelings.  Great ones. 

Some so great that anger will be instilled to possible actions?  What may I ask?  I do not know them, but some may come to fear them.

  I do Protest Them!  All of them. 

Any of them coming, yet, I think quite plausible.  How wrong they will be in a conversation of ignorance. A contestation of pure Ignorance.  But ignorance will be amuck.

AND on this one day, it might ought to be called a Voting Holiday.

A Voters Holiday.  

Why?  Because No One will want to Miss this one.  A Vote.  Your Vote.  Yes, your most sacred ability next to making babies.  And this one is insurmountably one for the Record Books in the Annals of American History. 

But you can’t buy Dirt. 

Political Dirt. 


You Yell it from the highest Rooftop! 

Within 24-36 Hours of November 3rd!!!

And will this election?  With this Election?

Will it too be tarnished by another last minute Calf Slaughtering so horrific that Voters will squirm to come out to Vote? 

Or will Voters, this time, be willing to walk upon HOT Coals to Vote? 

Coming out in Mass Quantities?  Coming out of COVID-19 Encampments? 

Out of chains and endless Ropes of Unemployment Lines? 

Voters will be voting with their passions-their Loves and their Hatreds. 

Yes, emotions will be running deeper than ever BEFORE.  Emotions deeper or as Deep as a Nation Voted to End the Vietnam War and that was putting someone in the Office of the Presidency with someone who would get us out if that never-ending War. 

And Voters are reading, deeply ingesting who they will be Voting for. 

It’s the One!  The one no one will ever FORGET.



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