WTF! 25% of All COVID-19 World DEATHS are Deaths of AMERICANS!




25% of All COVID-19 World DEATHS are Deaths of AMERICANS!


The very flames of Hades are Knocking at the Door.


How in the name of Egg-Sucking Shit does the Most Powerful Economy in the World now have 25% of all the Total Number of COVID-19 DEATHS?

25% of ALL DEATHS?  WTF?

Most people, Most Everyone in the World even, if asked three months ago, if anyone could possibly ever think that America would have 25% of all COVID-19 Deaths in the World, well, they’d say NO FRIGGING WAY!  They’d laugh at you.  They’d say No Way!  They’d say America, the Wonderful Country, could never be placed in such a situation.  They have the BEST!  The BEST DOCTORS.  The BEST NURSES!  The BEST HOSPITALS.  THE GREATEST ECONOMY!  They would never have any Deaths, no, not more than say China has HAD.  And why?  Because China has a Population three times greater than America. 

But now, America is in 1st Place with




And no CLUE anything is gonna get any better anytime soon…which is very, very sad.

And sadly,  America COULD have 50% of all World COVID-19 DEATHS before the End of 2021 or 2022.

Hope is still Alive.  And where Hope exists, so does the future…