When I’ve been faced with Scary Stuff, this is what I do…

lords-prayer-our-father-classically-printed~2When I’ve been faced with Scary Stuff, this is what I do…I write, I watch Movies, I EAT TOO MUCH, I listen to 🎶


Yes, Music.  And I write Blog Posts for you to see or read and you can write so much MORE like Poetry.  Yes, talk it out.  Talk what is going on with you.

But sometimes I get sidetracked by things that bother me.  But am I scared?. Am I really scared?

No. I’ve already died in the Hospital and been very, oh so very Scared Overseas and even more scary stuff in one Texas Prison.  And what’s the biggest thing I do?

So, I’ve tried to always, well, not tried.

That’s not a try.  It’s what I do.

I absolutely keep myself in what I consider Good Standing with God.

Too many of us forget who’s really in Charge and it’s GOD.  And I know lots don’t and won’t ever have a clue.

Right now, you have a unique opportunity to get in a relationship with God and I highly encourage you to do this.

Accepting Jesus as your Savior is good and all that.  But God and Jesus are the same One now.  God is Jesus.  Jesus is God.  So, pick one and keep your Relationship in good standing


Pray regularly.

Talk to God Daily.

No, you DON’T have to create Long Prayers.

The Bible says simply say

The Lord’s Prayer-


So, take a moment to remember all the good that is still here and remember always

DO GOOD TO OTHERS…you will be Judged!

Don’t freak, just Pray and the rest will follow.

You know what is right and wrong in actions and behaviors.  In words or TEXTS or EMAILS!

And don’t wait to find out one day that Everyone around you has Outgrown you.

So, do good.  Be good and IMPROVE YOURSELF.

Be strong.

But I also always try to remember that millions from 87 different Countries come to read or View what I POST in this BLOG site.  And I know how you deal with scary stuff may be dealt with in a different manner.  I know for some of you. God and discussion of Prayer may have a totally different intellectual need for you.  A different emotional need.

Yes. I’ve studied many Religious Ideologies and No, None of us will have enough time in One Lifetime to study them all.  So. Yes what you know may be completely contrary to some things I share with you.

But I honestly do see a need for many of you Reading to just go ahead and Start your own Blog.  Just do it.

Quit letting others put Ideas into your mind.  Your Audience will always let you know how they see what you say.  And if you spend your precious time here on Earth listening to nothing but Crazy Talk or reading Crazy Words, you’ll sound CRAZY when you talk. It will enter you and you let it in.

But now. Here are two Printable Images you can Print Out from the CDC.

God Bless and keep your CHIN UP!