MASS EXODUS is Coming!


people raising their hands
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     Last two days have seen a return to 30,000 plus new infections. And the MOST EVER in just the last 24 hours. Opening everything back up is gonna have a Hailing Affect, not snowball. But we’ll get swamped here in Texas as New Yorkers flood down here. Florida has already been hit hard.  Anywhere North that is being Hit Hard is going to see the Big Exodus…Yes. The North will soon Invade The South!  Yes, the 2020 COVID-19 EXODUS IS COMING!  And we aren’t talking another Civil War. Just as soon as America is reasonably Re-Opened, the Crusty Doors of Mass Exodus will begin creeping open.  Millions will Up and Leave States and Communities hit hard with COVID-19.  One book I read, no longer in Print-And They Left Us-estimated six million Americans moved after the 1918 Devastating Spanish Flu Pandemic.  Yes, they just up and moved to where the Jobs were and to Areas that they found had the less amounts of where Dying Americans had Died during that Pandemic.  Social Media is abuzz right now with millions already analyzing Regional Areas of Prospective States.  Analyzing for where they are moving to. And they are planning their family’s exodus.  In four years, Texas alone, will most likely see a estimated 25% increase in Population.  Some estimate it to be in 2-3 years.  But, it is coming.  People aren’t ignorant and they won’t stay where they have the highest likelihood of getting Infected again.  And they will move to SAVE the elderly in their families too.  And another Big factor is that Mortality Rate of Each State.  It’s true.  It’s quite obvious the Death Rate for COVID-19 is not the same for each State.  And some people will be lured by this Golden Attraction of Life vs Death Appeal.  Yes, that Gold Standard.  But having daily Commutes jam packed into cars like Cows and Sheep will no longer be appealing.  Being in Isolation has shown everyone that being Locked-up stinks.  And this will move into a mental state of More Open Spaces like a vehicle of their own and such and some places make vehicle ownership almost impossible for most folks.  But who really noticed before?  No one did.  No, not really.  It’s all semantics now.  But everyone is taking in all the Obvious factors now, Aren’t we? And harsh weather and stories of people not getting along will be Overlooked to move.  To up and MOVE!  And it doesn’t matter your work or your Age.  Wanting to Live the longest a person can live will become more paramount than ever before.  Surviving a Pandemic will have all kinds of interesting and even quirky changes on People.  And how a person thinks.  To survive one is COOL BEANS.  But how many others are coming?  This Fall or Spring might be bringing, gonna unleash a harsher one?  Well, the same places will be more inherent to suffer the same proportionate amounts of infections and Deaths as they are seeing now.   And nobody will want to be in the heaviest infected communities again.  No, they gonna up and MOVE.  ASAP!  In some cases.  To get away from something their inner voice will be telling them to do.  And that Voice is going to be saying-Get Up. Get off that ASS, and move.  Yes, don’t wait, don’t make the same

people raising their hands
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on

mistake twice and MOVE. DON’T wait, you may not ever get another chance.  But as of June 25th, the Most Virus Infections have reversed in the South and folks might now head North.  Lol


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