Planet of the Humans-A 5-Star Documentary! Michael Moore does it again!


Planet of the Humans, a Documentary Movie by Jeff Gibbs, Executive Producer-Michael Moore.  Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs-THANK YOU!  Thank you so much!

         Truth is a shallow realm between what you see and the B.S. that you smell.  And all of my life, I have watched one thing come about and who was raising the Rally Flag and who was following it.  And because of the Vietnam War and having both Friends and Family killed there or because of their Tours there, I became skeptical about what I hear now more than ever.  And that is why I Read, the Indian Times, The New York Times, the Houston Post, the Washington Post, and the MSN Newsfeeds and the BBC News Feeds and Reuters and others. 

         Hey, it’s what Truth Seekers do these days and if you will spend more time doing what i just mentioned instead of looking only for one Funny Viral Feed after another, you too will come away with FACTS.  And FACTS preach Volumes over the Bullshit line of Roses that are laid in front of all of us to read instead.  But do what makes you happy for sure.

        Funny, that so much reminded me of the line-GO WEST, YOUNG MAN!   And heck yeah, they are all going to do that one after the COVID-19 Block Aid is removed.  Hey, when you are allowed to leave NEW YORK, after the Worst Season Of Death in some of Our History, sure, you gonna scoundrel out like a herd of Buffaloes or Elephants or just mere worried People.  Worried Americans.  And I know, I know, I know, folks, we got a lot on our minds these days and in a way, Michael Moore producing a Jeff Gibbs Documentary Movie-Planet of the Humans does come out in an odd timing, but maybe it’s the Best of Timing.

       My wife and I watched the

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday Night and since, we both are now Retired, we stay up later now than ever before.  I mean, I average bedtime is now 1 a.m.  But Tuesday night, as we watched, one of the Guests was Michael Moore and he told the Viewing Audience that he was going ahead and releasing it on YouTube and I told my wife-I’m going to watch that and the next day, I watched it as my wife took an afternoon nap.  And one prevailing theme came out and that was the trade-off for one thing for what could be even worse. 

       So many want the Earth to be here for all time and all of us want our time here without being Duked.  And as I watched the Michael Moore Movie, I was taken back to all the things that were in place that we had to do because of all the Regulations on the Coal Industry and it was very apparent to me way back in the Bush Administration that Coal was on its way out, but who and what was going to replace it?  Hell, China was in the Mix of all of this with their Tons of Burning Coal and so very all the citizens in the Cold Regions of Earth burning Coal to LIVE!  Hey, burn COAL of DIE?  Not much of a Choice, but what?  Burn Oil?  Oh yeah, Oil and the Oil Industry has been tossing their two cents into the arena all the time and it’s what Politics is all about all over the World.  And that old saying-

The squeaky Wheel gets greased!  And it does, every time.  IT’s how Politics is done and always will be for the most part. Or is it the Sweaty Palm gets the Money?  I think History has examples of every kind of tomfoolery known to mankind…and you won’t see 1% in your Lifetime…


        But no one really cared, just like Climate Change and Michael Moore’s New Documentary Film, Planet of the Humans, will Open your Eyes to more of the B.S. that is now associated with so much of mankind’s strangeness.  I already knew that one of PCPs because I worked at a Coal Fired Electric Plant and the B.S. that was coming out of Washington was a ton of Real Manure.  Most People just don’t get it.  You come out of your holes pissed at this or that and suddenly, it’s OMG!  We got to FIX this and they toss the beautiful story in front of Your Eyes and no one is seen the Fine Print of more B.S.  Well, Michael Moore, once again, unleashes the Road of B.S. upon the Viewer and it is a Film I highly Recommend!  And how to Rate this Documentary?

5-Star!  5-Star, of course.

      And sure, there will be ones out there always ready to Shoot the Messenger, but if we don’t start adhering to what the Experts are saying, then WE ARE DOOMED!  The Earth is Doomed.  But I know, tons of folks can have someone steal their Ice Cream and when someone tells them who stole it, they will believe what was told to them instead of what their eyes saw.

       And it’s the Same Thing for the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Always damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  Tons are facing watching their families starve to Death or go Hungry and knowing how dangerous COVID-19 is, but they are torn, and they must FEED their Families and so, they are ready to Walk into the Bowels of Hell for their Families.

      Planet of the Humans delves into the things that you want to know and for the most part, most aren’t caring much about it.

       And I watched the Trade-Offs from one Pollution to another, I was just reminded and saddened by the images I saw.  I already was very much Aware of the PCPs issue from Electric Power Plants and those Creasote Railroad Ties. And there they were being chipped up and burned and that PCP going into the Atmosphere and into I believe it was Lake Superior.  And sure, all the surrounding ground and waters.  Folks, you can’t fix Pollution by Using Dilusion.  You know, spreading the Pollution over a Greater Region.  It still is Horrible Pollution, not even counting the Cancer Causing Properties that is has.  And Pollution is known all over the World.  Lots of Countries tossed Barrels of this and that into the Ocean only to have the Barrels begin to be so Rusty that the Pollution is now leaking out and that’s everywhere.  Even Japan, that is harvesting the Worse Radioactive Water from the Nuclear Plant caused by that Tsunami.  But now, all  of a sudden, some Experts have put the Green Light on letting this water be Released Out into the Ocean.  Hey, a little of Radioactive Fish Meat ain’t so bad as a Lot of Radioactive Fish Meat at the same time.

       But the story continues and who will replace Michael Moore after he leaves this World?  Who?  Hey, none of us live forever and I wish him absolutely NO HARM, but someone is out there and he might be nine or ten reading this from one of the hundreds of thousands from all over the World that Read my Blog Posts.  Yes, a youngster may be the Next one to FOllOW in Michael Moore’s Footsteps.  But who?  Maybe, it might even be you?

       No matter where you go in the World, all Nations have a Pollution Issue or Issues.  And they all point to Your Pollution.  You fix Yours and We might fix Ours.  And the Story continues and the Game in Always played out the Same Way. 

      Planet of the Humans uses a Monkey of some sorts that I believe it was in the RAIN FOREST which is being decimated for Land to Raise Cows for BEEF for the Oriental Markets.  Yes, Kill the RAIN FOREST for BEEF for the Oriental Lands and sure, they gonna need to Eat Beef cause more and MORE Diseases are coming out of Pigs and Pork and sure, the FISH ARE are becoming too dangerous to Eat because of Mercury Poison and some day, Radiation Poisoning.  And maybe PCP too.  You know, at the Power Plant I worked, they Lake ONLY ALLOWED CATCH AND RELEASE OF ALL BASS and I saw them caught with their strange cancerous Sores all over their Bodies and I often times wondered what Pollution was the Plant putting into the Lake Water to cause that.   

Everything we eat today has some form of Consequential Consequence.  And that is sad.  Our grandparents lived long and then Cancer suddenly started appearing more and more and even at earlier ages in children.  I mean, the Cause and Affects of so many things is almost unbearable if it were all Laid Barren for Everyone to See and then if all of us had to SIT down and see it, then some will believe it and some will dismiss as pure B.S.

I don’t want to Spoil Your Viewing of this once again, unrelenting Look into the Mysterious Things that always seem to slowly float to the surfaces after the storm has settled.  And once again, Michael Moore has SCORED ANOTHER ONE for Earth, Planet, and Mankind.  I do hope that you will take a moment to sit down and WATCH it.  The Movie is just like Michael Moore Movies and they are all about Lacing Up them BOOTs.  But will you ever Lace-Up Your Boots for the Planet?  For the Environment?  I know you’re more than willing to Lace’em Up for your Families.  But please do WATCH AND ENJOY1