No One Knew! But now, COVID-19 is a Hundred Times more Deadly than the Seasonal FLU.

Are we born stupid?  And I asked a Retired Texas Teacher that taught in the Texas School System for 37 years to answer and so-

Most of us are all born with the capacity or the ability to Learn, yet some of us choose not to…

And now, COVID-19, the World’s Newest Enemy, is Deadly.  Sure, you can play stupid and argue the Facts all night long, but no argument can prove that COVID-19 ISN’T a very dangerous Adversary.  Folks, don’t get locked into semantics.  We are way past that now for sure.

And as people argue and argue and argue, while they go Full Blown stupid and want to play the Blame Game, always remember while you are


Pointing Your Finger at someone or something, How many fingers are Pointing Back At YOU?  And let’s face one undeniable Truth!  And I believe Most Americans are fed-up with all the negative words, sentences, statements that are once again coming out of the Dinosaurs for both Parties.  Please, give us a Break… 

Always stoking us with a Rhetoric Stick as if all of us were mere Lions locked in our Cages, well, stupid is as stupid does…and enough is enough.  Just saying, not pointing.  But-

No One Knew How Deadly Our Enemy Truly is…No One! 

Only now, we are just now learning the one thing that makes COVID-19 a Hundred times more Deadly than the Seasonal Flu?  It’s the blood clotting it causes even while Anticoagulants are given.  Sure, it’s easy to go back and again point your finger.  But the truth is-No One Knew!  No one in America was on their Soap Boxes Calling Out the Alarm.  There was no Paul Revere! 

No one was there. No one was making another famous Paul Revere Ride to Alert you or I!  Alerts on put out on the “down low” DOESN’T count.

And now, February 6th is starting to Appear when a 57-Year Old woman died of a heart attack.  But I’ll venture to say, that there are others that predate her Death.  And I believe the Blood Clotting this Virus has just now been found to cause is why a seemingly Healthy woman was Assassinated!  Way before her time. And instead of anyone watching, learning, all NEWS and America was caught up on the February 5th Acquittal of Our President from Impeachment. 

And both sides were tossing agitating rhetoric toward the Opposing Side while China was being broadsided by this Horribly Vicious Enemy. 

And some saw or noticed, but none made another Paul Revere Ride to Alert Us All! 

And if you say they did, I think all of us would have remembered Horse Manure from that Horse on the White House Lawn!  Well, there was none.  But right now, there are two undeniable problems facing America-

COVID-19 and Getting Back to Work!

Future Generations, will be called upon as in all generations, are the ones that are going to be tossed the enema bags with so much pee that it won’t be pretty and oh, so very much smelly.  And I’m not going to add to it.  They are way past FULL now.

But future generations have already been warned of the Upcoming Issues of Budget Woes and it’s gonna fall upon them.  And those will be worse now.  You know, the Endless Wars that the War Machine Manufactures almost Ruptured the Budget until someone said-It’s all being done for Liberty’s Sake.  And all eyes went wandering elsewhere.  But no one really cared, just like Climate Change and Michael Moore’s New Documentary Film will Open your Eyes to the B.S. that is now associated with it.  I already knew that one because I worked at a Coal Fired Electric Plant and the B.S. that was coming out of Washington was a ton of Real Manure.  Most People just don’t get it.  You come out of your holes pissed at this or that and suddenly, it’s OMG!  We got to FIX this and they toss the beautiful story in front of Your Eyes and no one is seen the Fine Print of more B.S.  Well, Michael Moore, once again, unleashes the Road of B.S. upon the Viewer and it is a Film I highly Recommend! 

But, there are going to be millions of Americans who are going to Ride those Unemployment Benefits until the Money Bag runs Dry.  Some will find Free Food from Food Banks, Unemployment Checks, No Evictions, and such is going to be difficult to toss away once a person gets on them.  Some will milk this one all the way to the very End.  And quite Bluntly, I do not see how any Government can Pay 26 million on Unemployment for very long.  It’s Just Not Doable.  And it’s way past Pointing the Fingers now, what’s been done has been done and all any of us can do is WASH OUR HANDS OF ALL OF THIS!@!!