Hooray! United States National Guard Steps Up!

While millions across America are still hunkered down praying the Death Cloud of COVID-19 misses their homes, their apartments, their families, and themselves, the United States National Guard has been thrown into this War.

There are more than 38,700 Air and Army National Guard professionals supporting the COVID-19 crisis response at the direction of their governors as of Tuesday afternoon. That’s an increase of about 2,000 from Monday.

Men, Women sworn to Serve are not shirking from their Oath, to themselves, and to their fellow Americans.  These individuals are proudly Stepping-Up and as each State Governor has called upon these Brave Soldiers, each has risen to the Occasion.  And this is an unprecedented time in American History.  Unprecedented!  Remarkably Historic.  

And as each Unit is given a Task that sorely needs to be done, the National Guard, like it’s Historic Past, charges head-long into places and duties often times too scary for regular civilians. Too scary.  Yes. 

For anyone serving on America’s Front Lines, this is YOUR SALUTE!  And for the United States National Guard-

silhouette of people beside usa flag
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com