Is this the possible Meal that caused COVID-19?

I had just been chasing all the Articles about Guangdong Province China and each led my interest in other directions.  But the Goal has now become the Source?  The actual SOURCE where the COVID-19 came from.

Okay, I already chased all of them down the rabbit holes.  

Then came another one that perked my interest.  And now, just imagine this same meal that I will now show as an Exert from below, and ADD A BAT?  Yes, a BAT?

The rest I’ll leave to you to decide…

In November 2002, a 46-year-old man from the Chinese coastal province of Guangdong developed a fever and struggled to breathe. Not much is known about him except that he was a local government official with a wife and daughter. But, as David Quammen writes in his book Spillover, a note in his medical history jumps out: He had recently helped to prepare meals that included chicken, domestic cat, and snake.

I think the author found it important to tell us what the man was doing before his respiratory illness struck him.

Now, add BAT to that meal.  And ???

Snakes, Chicken, Cats, Bats.  Meals with these four?

So, take an A.I. And ask it to configure the  COVID-19 genome sequencing from a meal of chicken, domestic cat, and snake and Bat.

Will the 4 combined create the genome sequence for COVID-19?  A powerful A.I. Could figure this out.

Is this the Meal that caused COVID-19?  There already is Data pointing to the A TYPE Ancestral Genome to be from Guangdong Province, China.  But even that Data did NOT make it Totally Positive that the Original Source came from here.

But, the below with what I already Posted does confirm the fingers now pointing in one Direction.  But is this the missing 4% to makeup the Complete Genome Sequence?  The above meal?  Just “CLICK” on the next sentence.


‘A common germ pool’: The frightening origins of the coronavirus