Shocking News Article!

This morning, I found myself troubled by one Article.  It seemed almost surreal as I read it.  Suddenly, I was reminded about a Hippie-Looking guy at a VFW Gun Show.  

The man was selling every kind of button that was imaginable.  He had them all.  But then he said-You need to get ready.  It’s coming.  

Of course, I asked what he was talking about.  

He said one day, the Gov gonna call out the Troops to protect them from us.  

I was almost laughing at the man.

But he wasn’t having none of that.  He was like a Banny Rooster now having his feathers ruffled.  

One day, the Gov gonna run plum scared of the People.  They gonna call out the Troops cause they’ll be more scared of us than any foreign enemy.

And then I read this-

And after I read it, I asked my wife to read it.  And both of us came away with this-

We found it troubling.  We found it to countermand all that We BELIEVE.  And instead of answering a single question, it suddenly raises a ton of Questions.  Questions of are we suddenly going BUST?  Are our Leaders suddenly grown scared of us?  A Special Task Force?  Special Duties?  And this is Not merely calling upon the National Guard to aid in this Pandemic.  This is the Real Deal Talk.  And will they have LIVE AMMO?  And if so, will they Kill Americans?  If Ordered, would they Kill YOU?  Has this Pandemic suddenly scared them to a point such as this?  And now? 

Most Of Congress ISN’T even in town. 


So, what gives? What the hell is really going on?  I CHECKED, Washington, D.C. has 2100 COVID-19 Cases as of today.