Time to Stop all the Whatcouldhavebeen, Whatshouldhavebeen.

Oh yeah, it’s way past time to END all of the Whatcouldhavebeen, Whatshouldhavebeen in all the gloomy messy Virus Talk.

Let the future Generations piece-meal all of it back together.  Not us now.  Reading tales, such incredible sad tales of people dying all alone or never waking FROM a two week Coma.  More and more Elderly apparently are Opting not to be Intubated and put on a Ventilator.

Reading tales of loved ones unable to make Last Time communication with loved ones.  And Reading Doctors caught right in the Middle.

And I saw an Oddity that Reuters now has America at over 30,000 Deaths and others have it at just over 25,000.  But what’s the diff?  Nothing really.  We’ll be getting there soon enough.

But like after the Vietnam War, there was an amazing amount of Revelations that came about after Researchers listened to the Recorded Conversations identifying fact from fiction.  And will the Current Administration have the last four years of Oval Office Recordings tucked away for 50 years?  Why?  They could very well be Party Damaging if released in the near future.

But Researchers at that Presidential Library may not be allowed to see them.  To hear them.

But again. Let the future Generations deal with it.

CrLWZ9F52LrqoDKJZdKJwk-970-80~8By the time THIS ends, I think all of us will be sick of hearing about all of this.