Re-Opening the Nation. What’s it going to look like? Mask City, baby!

Well, it WON’T LOOK pretty by a long sight!  But a lot of it is going to be doable.  Forget the Past! Forget the News.  Stop trying to Digest all of it.  It’s time to do what is doable and ONLY what is Doable.  Each State knows what they can and CANNOT do.

Quit reliving the whatcouldhavebeen’s!  COVID-19 may become the New Normal. 

But immediately, I see three Big Problems!

1.  Lack of Masks Availability.  A lot of Senior Citizens still have none.  It is unacceptable that instead of any being available, there’s one person after another promoting homemade using Coffee Filters.  You still want Re-Opening, but bandaid fixes aren’t appreciated in this discussion.

2.  Lack of being able to acquire Rubber Gloves. A real problem issue.

3.  TESTING, TESTING, TESTING is still lagging in a substantial way.  This has got to get fixed.

And there are other Huge Issues I’m seeing-

1.  How to RE-OPEN without turning all of America into one massive Epicenter like what we’ve seen in New York?

2.  How to get TESTING in place?  Real Testing?  Massive Testing.  Not the 7-10 day Route NOW.  Also, 100% Accuracy.  This should be just as important as a Pregnancy Test.  100% Accurate!

3.  Preventing Mass Exodus from one area where Workers will throw Caution to the Winds, uproot and go to an Area that has Re-Opened.  But a full Re-Opening is a long way away.  People will travel to the J O B S.

4.  Re-Opening COLLEGES on the Underclassmen Level may be catastrophic.  Youthful College Social Distancing will not be adhered to.  Towns with Colleges could easily become an Epicenter.  Mask Wearing will not be adhered to by youthful Students.  Colleges Re-Opened for Sports Venue Revenue could turn Deadly.

Student Safety must be the 1st and foremost reasons in Place before bringing the Students back to school.  This is very important. And at all levels of schooling from Pre-K and upward. Home Schooling and Online Courses may be the only viable road for at least 12 months or up to 30 months.

5.  Bars will have a difficult time of Social Distancing If this is still in Place.  No one will want to talk to someone 6 feet away.  Remove your mask to take a sip of your drink, then put your mask back on? Doesn’t make sense.

Or sit near each other, all wear a mask, Drinking using Straws Only?

6.  Wearing Masks while in Public will be Mandatory and at the Workplace! No. Not in your car or truck. Rubber Gloves may be needed but it’s depending on the work where Leather Gloves are needed instead.  Use logic.  DON’T make all of this ridiculously upsetting to the Public.  Everyone knows we got to be Safer with this Virus.

7.  Temperature Checks will be Mandatory! 

8.  Temperature Checks Before, During, and After Work will need to be conducted on All Employees.   

9.  Felonious Laws for Non-Compliant COVID-19 Violators will be in Place.

10.  COVID-19 killing Additives will need to be used for Fast Food/Restaurant Drinks.  Some should be working on this one right now.

11.  Stripping Out of Clothes, Showering, will become the New COVID-19 Conscious Activity when arriving at home after every outing. Doing this Before hugging and holding kids.

I see two approaches for Eating Out-

1.  Plexiglass between the eater and the Restaurant Staff.  Drinks and Food handed thru a slot.  An Open Area to pass food thru.  Sanitizing wipes will be on Tables for customers to use themselves.

But Customers need to have their Temperature checked also before being allowed to sit inside a Restaurant.

2.  Server serves as usual, but can ONLY WAIT on One Table at a Time.  Why?  The glove issue thing and NOT CHANGING them between tables. If it doesn’t make customers feel safe. They won’t be returning until after we beat this Virus.

(Drinks will always be a New Concern.  Bringing your own might be best.  I have found NO PROOF ice in a Cold Drink kills this Virus like Fast Food drinks)

Server serves as usual, but MUST CHANGE plastic gloves every Time they go to a New Table.

Any customer coughing will be drowned with negative looks.

RIGHT NOW!  One of the biggest problems I am seeing is the handling of money and Food by people giving YOU your food and NOT changing plastic gloves but once per Shift.  That’s a lot of increased COVID-19 Virus Spreading possibility by never changing rubber gloves and handling of money.

Microwaving to kill this Virus is such an AMOUNT you would need to do to Your food that it will NOT BE tasting like you were expecting.

30 second Nuking just won’t do it.  Doesn’t do it.

It’s a myth. Extreme Heat.  Extreme Cold are enemies to Virus.

Stores like HOBBY LOBBY and such should be Opened by May 1st.  Mask Wearing, Temperature Checks, Rubber Gloves will be necessary. 

TESTING of all Employees should take place for all J O B S.

Temperature Checks on Customers will be needed?  How far this goes, takes place, becomes routine will be up to the Public. But it’s best to make Rules and stick to them.  DON’T Rule Change too quickly or live with the evil eye.

Airline Travel will need to address SEATING SPACING!  On LOCAL FLIGHTS!

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS will need to Conduct Rapid COVID-19 Testing prior to flight. Seating will be as usual. Temperature Checks before, during, and after all flights.  Disinfecting will become the New Norm between flights.

And all of the above is just the tiniest glimpse of a Re-Opened America.

REALISTIC TALK: Looks like we will be in this for 18-36 Months. No one, not anyone has the right to Fast Track any Non-Safety checked Vaccine before going full blown to the Public. This entire process takes time.

Skipping Safety Measures will not be acceptable.  If you skip, you could have millions dying of some other unknown something else caused from that Vaccine. Or other diseases may be created by it as well.  Rushing to get back to normal must be prudently reviewed. 

Safety Issues like Hotel and Motel Safety must be reviewed as well.  They too could become HOT SPOT Causers if adequate Safety is not in Place.

Every Industry will need to be Reviewed before each can Re-Open.  And this is not done in a matter of a few weeks by a few individuals.  Each State must have a Task Force working on all parameters, then checked, then rechecked before tossing them onto the Public’s Lap.

But it’s all Doable!  Just gonna need some time to figure all of it out. Gonna need lots of good folks to help keep increasing Anxiety Levels down. 


Re-Opening The International Flights and Borders will have some of the Greatest need for true Peer Reviews in how absolutely best to do it. To be safe to prevent this COVID-19 from never ending.