Interesting Find in War Against COVID-19

I DON’T sit in this crazy World wasting my Time.  And I, like many of you, spend a bunch of time looking for Hopeful News about Successful Treatment that saved critically ill COVID-19 Patients.  Folks, there’s simply too much Death continuing for anyone to claim a Victorious Victory in this War against a deadly marauding Virus.  None has been good enough to claim success.  Sure, there are many individual tales of what I’m calling Damn Lucky Ones.  And I can put myself in that having once died in hospital only to be successfully brought back from the World of the Dead. Yes, I was DEAD.  But I was just Damn Lucky. 

But,  I have NOT found that Golden Med.  I have NOT found that Golden Treatment.  Yes. There are a handful of Drugs that helped, but many are just not the Full Deal allowing for a successful story.  I’ve read and shared the Using of Infused Plasma from individuals who have beaten this Virus.  And it’s again. Not the the Success Story.  May have worked for some, but again, not for others.  But now comes this tale that I read about.  It’s below in that Article.  But PLEASE, if you know truthfully a medication that is 100% fixing the critically ill with COVID-19?  Let me know so I can POST IT!  Thanks.  Please remember, people from all over the World come to my Blog.  Your tale might help someone now desperately fighting to save someone on the Front Lines.

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