Up YOUR COVID-19 Game!

Surviving during a Pandemic is Winning!  That should be your Goal.  Just take a breath, and now. I’m going to help you do what you know you need to do.  Just think of all of this as a U.S. Army Drill Sgt. Ordering you to do this-and please. It’s for you and your families Survival.  Yes. You can do this…its not a difficult task.

Right NOW!  Get out paper and a pencil or pen.  Or best to have helpers and USE your Cell Phone or Laptop.

Okay,  Start writing down a List of all the Food you now have on hand.  Just do it.

Categorize all of your foods Using the Below Suggestions-




Frozen Foods-

Breads and Cereals-



Canned Foods- 

Dry Goods-like Mac & Cheese, rice, beans, Scalloped Potatoes. Mashed Potatoes, Ramen Noodles,  etc.

Cooking Ingredients-such as flour and sugar and yeast and Spices.

Now, make a Game Plan for Meals.

You must Plan Your Family Meals, every one of them, and Stick to your plan.

I know you may already have done this, but many still have not.

But now, the Meals really count as your Supplies are now dwindling.  You simply must take action now on your behalf to help your family survive.

Keep meals simple.  Meatless meals are okay.

Leftovers are the gifts from the Heavens.  They are a must!  And yes, small dogs can survive on a small bowl of rice.  Yes, they can.

So, if you have Pets, including them in Meals is important when Pet Foods Run Out.

Overseas. I saw a small dog being fed about 3/4 Cup of cooked Rice each day.  And when a dog is hungry ENOUGH. They will eat it.

Treat Food as a precious gift. If you have. Others do not. Share if you can.

Get in Line at a Food Bank if you have none.  And don’t wait until you are Starving to go get Food if you have none.

Buy ONLY what you NEED, NOT WHAT YOU WANT!  This is no time to still plan Big Meals.

Hotdogs alone is just fine.

Viewing TV?  Watch ONLY What you Like.  Lock Out too much NEGATIVE NEWS!  Yes. You already know what the Deal is.  But now, you don’t want to be a Loser when you can still be a Winner.

Surviving is Winning!  In any Pandemic, Surviving is Winning.

Also, Make a List of all Medications you have.

Hoard No More!

I bet this Pandemic will bring back CANNING at home in a Big Way.

It’s fun and easy.

Okay. You now have two tasks that you need to do.  Make your Lists and Plan Your Meals.  Plan Leftovers as a Meal too.

Waste No More!

Now, I will POST other things to aid YOU and YOUR FAMILY!  👪 Survival is The Goal!