18-24 Months to go? R U Ready. Can U Wait? 1st Plasma Infusion Results!

R U READY?  Ready to see the World come back to a point of similarity like it was in before COVID-19?  You need to READ the following-



The above is the 1st Abstract from Chinese Doctors using Plasma Injections from COVID-19 patients who healed and their blood plasma was used in seriously ill patients.


Many questions remain.  Will be Virus let go this Summer?  Will it come back in the Fall?  Will it come back with a Vengeance in the fall?  But folks, whatever you were hoping for is not going to be anywhere what you wanted.  No, it simply CAN’T, won’t be.  Simple Get-Togetherings will mean a great deal more than ever before.  Whenever that may be…

2021? Could be…

Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 may be the quickest things will get back to normal.

But how you approach Life right now may be engrained in how you will do things for the Rest Of Your Lives…🤔