Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make the Correct Decision!

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi meeting the Vice President of USA, Michael R. Pence, on the sidelines of East Asia Summit, in Singapore on November 14, 2018.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make the Correct Decision-To extend India’s COVID-19 LOCKDOWN.  Folks, no Country wants to be in a State of being Shutdown. I applaud you, Sir.  I applaud India.  And I applaud other Countries making hard, but correct decisions.

Yes. Trillion Dollar Economies are being closed in order to address a very, very dangerous


and highly contagious Death Virus.  It’s not a game.  This is a matter of extreme National EMERGENCY.  And yes, people will suffer.

But if any Country does not address this Virus with a Solid, Determined Blow, then they are sissy fighting.  And this Virus loves Big Sissy Boys who choose money over Medical DOCTORS ORDERS!

Doctors across the World are screaming with Orders to Stay Home.  Stay Home if you DON’T want to get this Virus or give it to Others.  But some are ignoring them.

This is a World Issue now.  Not a one single Country Issue.  And I see many possible ways things are going to be changed.  But a Cure must come.  It will come.  And all of us can beat this Virus.  The World can beat this Virus.

But one way I see coming is the Quick 15-Minute COVID-19 Test being done on many people.

I can see it being required prior to boarding an International Flight.

China just Shutdown it’s Border with Russia as New Cases of the Virus are now once again popping-up in three Chinese Cities.  And they are now on Total Lockdown Chinese Style where they WELD your Front Door Shut.

Every Country must be Vigil.  Must exercise the highest degree of PATIENCE.  Be Slow to Return Industry back up and running.  Everyone in the World must do their part. Essential Businesses must stay working harder than ever.  The World must be fed.

All Countries must AID each other with Medical Equipment.  And keep each other informed.  Right now, honest and truthful exchanges of information between Countries must take place.  And I applaud Prime Minister Narendra Modi making the Correct Decision, the Right Call to keep everyone home in order to


Beat this Death Virus.  And now, here is more information-

I just wanted to say that I am deeply humbled by all the people from all over the World coming to my Blog Site to read, hopefully something useful.  Maybe just a nice picture to view.  Everyday, I am amazed of so many from so many different Countries.  And yes, I still care about everyone in the World.  I just do.  And thanks for coming here to see what I’ll put up next.  Thank you.

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