Happy Easter! And on Sunday and after the Resurrection, what took place in the Graveyards? Resurrection of the Saints.


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          In A Panther’s Father III, I came to a point in my life of to show-up or to Shut-up.  To write what i had seen or to take it to the Grave with me. And while I lay dead in the Hospital, this amazing series of FYI explanations were tossed at me at lightning speed.  And like any orphan, I accepted what I saw and what I heard as words from the Other side or just was I allowed to see what few have ever been able to see.  Trust me, Death showed me how much I wanted to be there and NOT HERE!  The Other Side was the Most Amazing things I ever saw.  IT was pure Heaven and one of the things I bring to a Reader in the above mentioned Book is something purely from that Holy Part of my Death and it’s in this one Chapter –Resurrection of the Saints.  The Chapter is on Page 109 in the Published Book and not sure where it is on the ebook.  But here, after Christ was Crucified is where many have pondered, the greatest of mysteries appears, and none know for the truth of  this matter?  But on Easter Sunday, everyone will be celebrating.  And I will thank God for one more Miracle, to let me come back. 

Yes, Jesus was Crucified and then came the Resurrection, but the Bible leaves out something that I think you ought to be reading now. The Bible only skims past the Dead coming up and out of the Graves.  And do you really want to walk in that?  Hey, you’re home and all alone with your thoughts.  And, now, do you have the courage to come along with what I saw?  No, it’s not going to frighten you, but it will not amuse you either.  Might even help you come to terms within these hard times of COVID-19 Isolation.  No matter, here it is-

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Resurrection of Saints- 


             But deep in Dr. Bahu’s mind, he was now back at the Crucifixion of Christ.  And he was at two places in his mind at the same time.  One Bahu was standing and watching as Jesus was in his last breath.  And the other Bahu was at the graveyard.  And then with that last second of life, the earth erupted in total chaos.  And the ground rumbled and split open.  The ground shot up and twisted in every direction.  And then, the dead came out of their graves.  It was a very scary thing to see.  But it was now happening, and he was there.  It was just as the Holy Bible says it happened in the Book of Matthew as read in an 1898 edition of the Bible.  Now, Bahu, the Hunter was now seeing it for himself.  But he soon left the Savior on the Cross and his attention was now devoted only to the what.  And that what was going on in the graveyard. 

         Above the explosive upending of the earth in all directions were three Angels descending from Heaven.  And then there was much earthen chaos.  And the ground shifted up and twisted in all directions.  It bounced upward and then downwards.  It was pulling on itself in all kinds of ways.  And the Angels kept descending to the ground.  And as they touched the earth, each one lifted up his arms in all four directions-east, west, south, and north.  And then those that were no more alive became alive once more.  But in a pure manner.  A manner free of sin and free of contradiction.  Free of any and all suffering.  And they looked now with new freshness and newness.  A newness like nothing that can ever be explained.  A freshness that cannot ever be explained.  But it was not a dismal sight or a sight to cause distress.   Once an observer was quoted as saying-and behold a blessing descended from Heaven and came into the believers in the graveyard and they Arose.  They walked.  They talked.  They hugged.  They were not of any form of evilness. But to the ones who chose to believe in only earthly reasons for their raising, those became distraught like the lambs in the field before harvest slaughtering.  A great fear was upon them.

       Men and women and children were now pushing their burial compartment doors open.  Large stones broke away.  Others cracked and then broke to reveal the person now climbing out of each burial chamber.  Others were actually climbing out of the ground from all the eruptive disturbance of the earth.  Their bodies were not like that of Zombies.  None of them were hard to look at.  They were now complete and whole.  And they had no pain or any suffering in them.  And soon, each walked away   They had no foul odors or foul skin discolorations.  Each was like they had been but now with the newness of fresh flesh.  And each one could talk and walk.  Several walked over and hugged others.  Then the Angels looked and then said-Arise and go forth.  And then even the many more climbed out of their graves and these too were with the likeness of new.  They were not of any age decay.  Each person was anew.  So very new in appearance. And then they all began walking and all walked to Jerusalem.  And the three Angels walked with them as well.  They asked the Angels-why had this thing come to pass?  Why have we arisen from the rest?

        And the three Angels that came directly from the Heavenly Father answered all questions.  He has chosen to give man and woman and child another viewing of all the things that had come to pass as Christ the Lord had told that it would take place.  Each of you are to go throughout this City and other Cities to show all that the Lasting Lord was real.  And they did this.  And they met all who would meet with them.  And the peace that was brought forth was now the true peace.  Something that cannot be done by the treaty of man but by God alone.  And God sent this Angels, three, to see that all that He wanted was done.  This was a blessed day.  From total sadness came the happiness that so many sought and fought and believed in.  And they met all.  And many took these followers now walking anew into their homes.  And feasts were prepared.  And all ate.  All drank wine.  All drank and talked.  And all told of the many marvels that were now upon them.  And those receiving these guests were blessed.  And then the feasting began at all places and the food was plentiful and abundant.  And there was no need or want of anything by anyone during this time.  Many questions were asked, and many answers were given.  But no question was not answered.  The Angels continued to walk and walk, and they sought out the righteous man, woman, and child.  And they hid no truths from anyone. 

        “Do you see the forfeited ones coming down the road?” said one Roman Guard to another.          

       “Look there, they were once not living but now they are up and out of their graves.  This Man, Jesus, that we crucified was truly the one.  He was.  I am now so very sure of it.  He was the Son of God.  He is the Devine One and we have done this horrible thing.  Oh, such woe will now be upon all of us.  Surely, they are coming to cause great injury upon all of us for our deed.  Look, they are coming.  They are coming!”

        “But this was our Duty.  We cannot be judged for carrying out our Duties.”

        “I don’t know.  This day is a day of great remembrance I think.”

        “The very greatest day of remembrance.  Do we run?  My mind tells me that great harm from the graveyard is upon us.”

        “No, hold our ground.  This thing must be stopped.  This must be some form of trickery.  Most foul and treacherous treason it is.”

        “If it is, then it is the greatest form of trickery.”

        “The sour wine must have been poisoned.  We must be in the first stages of forfeit.  Our hallucinations are just coming before us.”

        “This is no hallucination.  My eyes do no lie to me.  I see that which is impossible to happen.  Yet, I see it happening.”

        “But great harm and suffering is now coming upon all of us.”

        “I do not think it is so.  The ones in the front are not girded for battle.  They carry no weapons.  We must stand our ground.  Let us not run.”

        “But not to run.  But we should leave and seek counsel.”

        “There is no time for that.  We are here.  We will stand our ground.  Stand and hold your ground.”


        Then the many Soldiers moved quickly to hiding places behind the many stones that were now unearthed everywhere.  These stones were all around them.

         And the Angels were walking with the recently Risen.  And then one Angel stopped and looked at the seventy Roman Guards now cowering behind the many large rocks.

       “Come out and come with us to the City.  We are going there to feast that which had to be done.  Your work is now over.  Each of you should now come and join us.  There are much better Duties here now for each of you to perform.”

       “But our duty was now the most foul we know.”

       “Your duty was allowed by God.  God alone allowed this thing to take place.  This was foretold, and some would hear it and others would not.  But it has happened.  It has taken place. The Savior was Crucified and that was done by your hands.  But now come and descend upon the City with all of us.  There is no harm here.  There is nothing but rejoicing now.  This whole thing took place so that man can find his way out of the darkness that has covered him for Centuries.  Man was naked in his own sins.  He was carried with them.  But now, all of that has changed.  It has truly changed.

        Come and feast.  This day is now a festival.  Jesus that you Crucified is the Lord and He will be back with all of you in three days just as these now walking with us are now up and alive once again.  They rose, now walk, and now are here to offer much comfort to the weary of heart.  The repentant man.  The repentant woman.  The repentant child.  All of these are now to be comforted as it has to be.  Here, you see the many with we, Angels.  They are of no harm.  Your eyes do not betray any of you.

        Come out from behind those rocks.  Come and join us.  For this day will not be forgotten.  None of this will be forgotten.  But it is now your Duty to follow.  By your own witnessing, you must now come forward and be of good cheer.  The Savior has become forfeit for all of the wickedness that man has done and will ever do.  But come now and do not be afraid.  Duty today is love.  And in that, you will each find a new salvation.  Each of you that will rise with us and walk with us and go into this City and the others will have Everlasting Life.  This is the promise and so it is now done.

        Come and be one with God.  Come and bring yourselves.  Come out.  Come out all of you.”

       “But those behind you surely plan harm to us?”

       “No harm.  Just jubilation.  Just happiness. God’s revenge is not here today.  Only His love.  Had He wanted, all would be removed from His sight.   But that is not what this day is about. All is now taking place as it had to be.  As was told.”

       “We have done a great sin against God, we are the foulest.”

       “Ask forgiveness and it will be granted.  God knows that you are only doing that which your duties make you do.  This thing had to take place as will other things.  But now, join us and learn of other things that are of a higher purpose.  Come and find the higher purpose that will go with all of you for the rest of your lives.  Cast off your Uniforms, each of you will never have another need of them ever again.  They are all that belongs to Rome and not to God.  Come and give unto God.  He is now here ready for you to step up and be the men that you are capable of being.  Do not hide any longer as cowards.  Rise up and now come and go with all of us.  Today, all will be blessed.  Now, come.”

        And then all the Roman Guards cast off their Uniforms and each was then naked.

       “We are now naked, and we will now be beaten as naked fools by all in the City.”

       And another Angel then handed each standing without any clothes a new glimmering white robe that was once not there but then were now there.  From nothing they appeared, and each were then given a wonderful robe.

      “Here, these robes will hide your nakedness.  They will give each the freshness of newness that all of you now profess.  That which you still do not understand will be explained and told to each of you.  But do not be of weak knees.  Each saw.  Each knows.  Each now sees what is here before all.  And this is to be the blessing that each of you will share from this day forward. 

      Now walk with us.  And there is much to learn.  Much will be shared with you Seventy who were once Soldiers.  And when Our time is done with each, each of you will go out and share all that you have seen on this day.  Let fear not ever enter your minds again.    For today, the most wonderful thing has taken place.  And in three days, there will be even more rejoicing.  More wonders are yet to come. But now come and share the feasting and the rejoicing. This is the best of your day.  The very best ever.”

       And then the many, the number was four thousand, six hundred, and seventy-five newly risen, three Angels, and seventy Roman Guards now in robes all were walking down the road.  There was much singing and dancing.  And all spoke of the Glory to the Father.  Singing praises to God and to Jesus, the Lord.   And this made God happy.  But God knew that even when these that had risen from the graves were upon the City and into other cities, the belief of their resurrection would be considered some form of trickery. A witch cast event.  And many would observe and be quiet but after these walking anew with their newness left, they would cry out that nothing had happened.  Nothing at all.  They would then forbid anyone to mention it at all by word of mouth or in writings.  But for others, it would reconfirm their beliefs.  And each that greeted in peace would then be given a wonderful blessing of Devine Peace and more.  And all who allowed the newly risen into their homes found this a wonderful time of believing.  Of great joy.  They knew that what they were seeing was a Devine Miracle and not anything less.  For these, they had not a single thought of disbelief.

        Here, the ones who worked the Crucifixions as they were ordered done walked among the ones that they had been Crucified.  They knew many of these newly Risen.  And they knew that this was a truly great day.  A day when they became believers and the day that each of them would walk and spread the word of this thing and others that they would soon learn to all who would listen.  But this day was also going to be stolen by so many trapping the truth and not allowing the spreading of that word which must be spread.  A time when many would rather not even dare think about such as an event because it was just too incomprehensible to them.  The forfeited rising.  How ridiculous.  No non-believer would ever believe.  They were not there.  They had not seen this with their own eyes.  And that is very human.  And that is the way it is even to this day.  Such a tremendous miracle and shared no longer as it has fallen aside like the juniper root after Centuries of growing.  Easier to not believe than to admit that all around everyone was done by a Higher Power.  Even the Stars above speak out with repeating the smallness of man’s disbelief.  Yet, God allows all men to choose their own paths of Righteousness.  And that is the very truth in that matter.

        On the third day, the Angels then told all of the Risen to go out and visit other cities.  And they told the Soldiers to walk with the Risen and go and pass the words of all that was seen by them to all in as many places that they could go.  And the Risen were allowed to walk the earth for forty days and no more. 

       But the road for the once soldiers would be one of mistreatment by disbelievers and loved by the true believers.  And the Angels told all to not share time with those that sought the aid of the Devil or any false gods.  And to not engage in argument with anyone seeking to undermine their mission of hope and happiness and of love.  And in many, attempts of telling the truth was met by those seeking to destroy any hope that any might ever have.  To be miserable as they truly were.  And each was told that they would be given all that each needed and only was theirs to ask.  And they left on the fourth day as much more was soon shared.

        And on the fourth day, Dr. Bahu awoke from his coma.  And he then told all in the room the most remarkable dream he had been in.  He had been there feasting with the newly risen and he had feasted for three days.  And then he too was told to go back to where he came from.  But was it a dream or a vision?  But for him, it was not a dream.  It was a vision.  And he knew that he had seen what few had ever seen or would understand.

       “I was with three Angels and I was with 4,665 men, women, and children that had arisen from the dead. And I was with seventy Roman Soldiers who converted from their ways of being Soldiers.”  And this number can be proven even to the day of this reading if only the wise know where to look.

        “Did they look like Zombies?  Did they have arms, fingers, eyes, and ears missing?” asked Shanda.

        “No, not like a body that was buried and then came up and out of the ground from a flood.  They were fresh looking.  They were anew with a freshness that is something that I cannot explain.  They were so hard not to view.  You could feel the spiritual connection between them and our Savior.  Between them and God.  It was so wonderful.  I never wanted to ever leave.  It was the greatest.  The very best of all that I have seen.  And there was such a wonderful peace with the Angels.  You could tell that they were defiant and yet they were filled with devoted courage.  And their courage gave all of us courage.  To see the Roman Soldiers leaving their duties and taking up the Cross was sensational and mind-blowing.  For sure, when the risen started climbing out of their burial chambers, it was jaw-dropping.  But I had no fear as I saw the Angels and they made a person feel that way.  What an uplifting thing to see.  To be a part of it.  To witness it.  To experience all of it.  And in their newness, everyone felt the same newness.  A wonderful thing to feel.  I cannot explain how much it meant to me.  The right words do fail me.”

        “I find it very staggering a thought.”

        “I know.  I knew that all that I told would not believe me or want to believe me.  But that is alright.  I did what I had to do and that was to tell someone.  To tell you and I will always continue to tell others from this day forward.”

        “Some will believe, and others will think you mad with some kind of madness.”

        “I know.  But I really don’t care.  I have been shown the truth and I will not run from it anymore.  I will build a church on the farm and all will come to a service every Sunday.  This is something I must do to teach the many who are seeking the truth.  To give the sinner a choice.  A way to eternal salvation.  A New Life.  I will start on plans for a church tomorrow.”


Well, that’s just a glimpse of many amazing things I brought back with me for the Dead and they are in my A Panther’s Father Book Series.  But there is a lot of fiction mixed in with what I was given.  Happy Easter!

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