And then they came…


      You’ve been Sheltering in Place,  following Social Distancing, and you’re money Resources are drying-up.  So, what’s everyone gonna do?  Since how long?  How long?  And they are now saying the Area where you live is gonna be on Lockdown for another 30 days, then another two weeks.  Suddenly, you’ve been stuck in Place for 60 days.  But get READY.  Yes, get ready for the long haul.  And why am I saying that?  Folks, I’m not trying to soil your drawers.  But, let’s look at Wuhan, China.  That’s the 1st, the very first Epicenter.  And they locked it down quick.  But, they just opened Wuhan this week.  Just this week.  The week of April 9th.  So, THAT’S how many days on Lockdown for them?  Let’s day 90 days for arguments sake.  Yes. Let’s use that many days and you must remember, China took EXTREME MEASURES to combat COVID-19.  And it appears to have worked if you like the idea of being Locked in your house by welding your door CLOSED.  Man, that’s so extreme.  But again, it appears to have worked.   But here, that won’t be happening and when America’s Death Toll surpasses 50,000 People are going to Demand Answers to Number One- why a Robust Amount of COVID-19 Testing wasn’t done.  And WHO offered Tests for America to begin using, but Number Two-Why weren’t they used, why were they Refused?  Okay, that’s the 1st two questions that will be asked over and over again. And Number Three-Why are many Americans NOT getting a $1200 Stimulus Check for as long as 20 Weeks?  Okay, they’re starting to be sent out about April 15th.  In 20 weeks, that’s somewhere around the end of August.  Now, if you’re on the 20 week List,  Your Happy Meter went from High to Low.  Might be very Low.  And man, all over the Place I’m seeing REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER popping-up.  But it’s gonna be a miserable America in certain ways by November.  The National Debt will take another unbelievable Hit.  And folks are just starting to talk about the disparity of how the Trillions in Stimulus Monies are being used.  How?  Some ways are gonna surprise all of us. But what you gonna do about that?  Nothing.  Unless you VOTE.  But now comes the thing that I dreamed about just last night. 


       And in my Dream, I had left the comfort of my home and went to a Big City thousands of miles away.  And when I got there, I went to a relative’s home, but no one was there.  Their home WAS completely empty.  I mean they even took the curtains with them, so they weren’t coming back.  So, I went to another family friend and he let me stay with him, but he wasn’t home.  And in his one bedroom apartment, he had one bed in the bedroom and a aluminum cot set up in the living room.  Now, I remember the TV was a tiny Black and White and it wasn’t even as big as a 12″ Screen to view. 

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       But that didn’t matter.  I remember it was COLD or I was just having chills and there were a few floor vents where the heated air flowed-up from. And I lay down on the couch, put a blanket covering me and lay my head on a pillow and I went to sleep.  But, I suddenly woke and  wondered why I had traveled nearly a thousand miles and then, it came blatantly clear.  I was there because it was just one of the Areas that the News on TV, all the Talk Shows said had Opened back up while the Rest of America was still Locked Down.  And I thought, dang, I had gone that far for a J O B?   And then, the Oklahoma Land Rush came racing to my mind.  And then, I saw thousands of people in their cars, in their trucks, in campers, even on motorcycles with big bundles behind the riders.  It was like a massive Exodus Had taken place with people sleeping everywhere and anywhere.  And if there was a J O B to be had, a single J O B, there was 10,000 ready to fill it.  But ONLY one could fill it.  And people became angry.  Many had not had a meal for days.  Many had family from where they had left and they TOO had little to no food.  Suddenly, the thousands I see became a river flooding with people.  It was so bad, people were offering anyone their cars, their trucks, their kids for food.  Yes. Their kids!  But only because they had no food to offer their kids and many of them were way past malnutrition.  It was a sad sight.  And the National Guard was placed on each State’s Border to keep people Seeking Employment OUT!  And Neon signs said-

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      Within ONLY 48 Hours of an Announcement that certain Areas would be Re-Opened for Business as Normal, the masses flocked to them only to be forced back out and at each State Line, it got so bad, that State’s gave away Gasoline to get the Unwanted back out of their State.  It was horrible.  Even guns were being brandished by many hoping that they could steal a slot in a Line of Unemployed that none knew that the J O B had already been filled. 


      I mean I did come away wondering How Long Does a Company Keep a J O B Position Open before closing the process down?  And there was a certain strange drawn facial look on everyone’s face where eyes looked like those on someone who had cried for days and for nights. The sadness, the madness was overwhelming. And thousands upon thousands were suddenly Castaways in a Sea of Unemployable men and women.  Not to mention the children hitchhikers seeking money and food or any sort of handout.  Given a choice of starving to Death in a vehicle doesn’t really matter what part of America a person is living in.  Starving is still starving and Pride will take a person to the very edge of Death before asking and some still won’t ask for help.  But now, will the dream I had become part of the future?   You may say no, but I fear it will be a Yes and it will become Question Number Four-Why were some Areas of America Reopened before all of the Country was ready? The U.S. economy has almost doubled in size over the past four decades, but broad measures of economic health conceal an unequal distribution of gains.  And that is where America is headed down the rabbit hole with tons and tons of American Workers Laid-Off.  Many Companies are set to rebound, as soon as this Health Crisis is Eliminated,  but will the Same Workers come back?  

     Do I believe we should wait until all of America is ready to Re-Open at the same time?  No, of course not.  If an Area can Reopen safely, then by all means, they should.  But Reopening ONLY Certain Areas may come with what I described above with an ominous amount of people racing to those States or Places.   These are Unforseen consequences. I’m telling you now about was just a dream. But very possible.

       I still remember talking to my Uncles about digging Ditches by hand and them saying they were damn happy to be doing that because the J O B S Weren’t there to be had.


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