Is a SUPER COVID-19 Virus Coming?


A 21st Century Death Virus is being spread across the Globe.  It’s scary, it’s numbing. It’s every fear all wrapped up into one silent, viciously unrelenting Virus.  

Fears are running wild and in some Areas, the Virus is a full-blown Wildfire.  It’s hugely a Nightmare.  Far worse than the worse Horror Movie.  And as people die, more people die, they one day will turn to Demand Answers of Why Did This Happen to Me?  To Us?   

And that’s where and when the Political, Bureaucratic B.S. will come spewing out like a firehouse’s fire hose.  And pointing fingers of blame will be plenty to go around.  Yes, the Blame Game will be strong and horrific.  A Death Toll higher than the Vietnam War lays ahead in future days. Friends will turn foes when those unaffected by the Death Virus attempt to talk from viewpoints of misinterpretations.  Yes, a more Vicious Verbal Rhetoric is still ahead and when the Bus runs over it, will it be a squish, a squash, or a Bump? Or a Huge Flat Tire?  A Blowout?  


But Governments will unleash Blame.  Politicians will unleash Blame.  Grandkids will unleash Blame!  The World will Unleash Blame!  And sure, some will be properly pointing in the right directions.  Directions of Poor Judgements will rule the day.  The Days ahead for the rest of Our Lives.  It will take Generations before the inflammatory talk slows down and History Books will tell what they will.  And will the words be truthful?  Full of truthfulness?  Or laced with Pro-Country Words?  But right now, who really cares?  Do you?  Do any of us?  But make one damn thing for sure-Words DON’T feed empty tummies.  Words don’t dry crying eyes.  And in one way or another, we will learn to deal with our emotions about all of this. 

Yes, Death is a numbing.  An emotional numbing.  At first, it is.  Then will come rivers of other emotions.  And this is where people will make Life Choices.  Choices that could completely change how a person sees the World or how the World sees them.  From my own Overseas Deployment in the U.S. Army, I can tell you that all is doable.   All is over-come-able. But only if you want it that way.  And I already can forewarn you of this-and I hesitate to say this-Many People will come out like cockroaches claiming to have been one of the Front Line Workers.  Fights will erupt caused by Ones Attempting to STEAL THE VALOR from the actual ones who did take up Arms Against COVID-19.  Those Front Line Workers that fought in the Battle against Walking Death. 

Yes, this I say now because I remember the fights caused by typewriter jockeys claiming to be in the Actual Combat while in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and nothing was farther from the truth. These types of attempts at Stolen Valor will come from every direction.  Even Pastors will claim how they walked right into the very bowels of Hades by going to and preaching and healing individuals in one of the Epicenters.  And they’ll be lying and Stealing Valor. 

But right now, you can claim for yourselves some of the most important Valor that still exists and it’s between You and GOD!  And it’s simple by praying for those whom you will never meet, to pray for this whole miserable thing to end.  And it will one day, but long unsettling days still lay ahead. And another form of Silent Valor is offering Aid from your Home’s Safety.  Yes, donate a few bucks if you can.  More if you can. 

And I know, I know, I know, it’s depressing to see NON–STOP COVID-19 Coverages on all the TV Channels.  I know, I know, I know, it’s unsettling to see All of Your Favorite Hosts or Stars or Celebs or Athletes on your TV screen being Broadcasting from the Comforts of their Homes.  At home reminding all of us that Our Staying at Home stinks. But is so NEEDED.  And sure, some are COOL to see and some are poor examples of themselves, a mere mockery of the robust person whom we had personified in our minds.  But!  It is what it is…and I know you may need something special to help get you through this.  Okay, here’s a YouTube Video I did of a simple Prayer I say everyday.  I started this Prayer while being Overseas.  It’s my GO-TO Prayer in times of need.  

Now, I’ve never claimed to be a Choir Boy.  I’ve sinned with the best of them.  But Overseas, I saw things, things that are gripping in my mind still today.  But they are accepted in my mind today.  And I’ve fought and wrestled with them just like many, many of you will fight and wrestle with your COVID-19 Fears and WORSE, the actual illness and the Deaths. 

I’m trying my best to write to you today from my heart.  But I always do that, but once again, I’ve been hit with another wrench in the face.  Today.  A very respected and Oldest Living Relative of mine was told just an hour ago that an Employee had just quarantined after testing Positive for COVID-19.  And this amazing man is now in Harm’s Way more than others.  He’s in his 80’s and in Assisted Living.  And Assisted Living Facilities are getting hit hard.  One here locally has now had their 9th ex-resident die.  They become an ex-resident when they die.  They are leaving by ambulance going straight to the Hospital. 

But what I had originally wanted to say is something I read that troubled me a bit. 


And that is this-There is a small possibly that one of the Trial Clinical Cures or Vaccines being Raced thru right now in Human Trials might have the reverse effect by Creating a SUPER COVID-19 Virus instead.  Creating a much deadlier strain.  But I hope not.  I sure hope not.

Well, take care of yourself and your families.

God Bless all of us all over the World.