NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, and all High School Sports should be Starting in 2021. And here’s how and why?



Forget Predicting Fall, 2020 and Spring 2021 COVID-19 INFECTIONS.  No one can.  But let’s be real.  COVID-19 and the FLU could cause a crippling 2020-21 Winter quite possibly causing a Pandemic like never seen before.  And even my View of January may need to be set back even farther…

This truly is a Damned if you do and Damned if you DON’T situation.  Pressure from Coaches, Players, Trump, School Revenue Needs will be things to consider, but-

Safety has to be Number One-Fan, Student, and Athletes, and the Public. Player Deaths are not acceptable. So-

Forget all Out of Conference Games.  Toss them aside.  If you Re-Open too soon, the New Deaths may come back to HAUNT YOU!  Might even make you Liable thru Gross Negligence.  A Star Player takes COVID-19 back home and a beloved parent dies?  A beloved Grandparent dies.  Fabled School Alumni dies.  But I’m only talking about Realistic Safety.  Infection Rates in America are still hitting near 30,000 a day and over 1000 dying daily.  These numbers have to be Respected.  COVID-19 Hospitalizations is what I consider one of  the biggest indicators.  Honesty and Open Transparency now is paramount, not starting cause you need the Bucks?  It is a dilemma.  Wanting the Bucks. Sure, it might be a difficult time ahead.  But if you do, you better be sure you can protect the players, the fans, and the students and them not bringing COVID-19 back home to their families.  Can YOU Protect THEM?  If the Public considers this an experiment on them, they will become unfriendly, even unruly.

Forget all Pre-Season Games.

Prepare for possible shortened Seasons.

(All classes need be Online ONLY in Fall, 2020.  Students will return to Campus Spring, 2021 or Fall 2021.  No one should be planning any On Campus Classes now.  No, not until Summer Infections are identified and Testing is in PLACE and Cases have significantly declined.

2020 Season played in 2021 for many is Doable.  And a Spring Powerhouse Conference playing would be a Hot Ticket Item.

But NBA and MLB might need to shorten their Playing Seasons.

All Teams, All Coaches, All Players, All Schools, at whatever LEVEL, need to be ready to bring their “A”” Game from the very 1st Game.

And this is how I predict it could go down.  Maybe, how it should go down.

Games without FANS stink to the Highest Degree.  If Dr. Fauci’s Prediction of 2nd Wave takes place, and No Vaccine in Place, get ready to see yet another possible delay.  But if people don’t act right, we’ll never get out of the 1st Wave!

But by Fall 2020, Vaccines should be in place to Begin giving the World.  But nothing significant may come out before Fall 2021.

And if this goes down in 2020, then


And here’s why everyone will be starting like I am only suggesting.

There will be fewer fans.  Games will be Postponed or Cancelled.

Fewer will be going to the different games,

fewer fans to any of the Games.


Yes. Only in the beginning.  People will NOT race from their Caves of Safety in the beginning. They don’t want this Virus brought home to their parents or grandparents.

Yes-fewer fans at first.

Only at first. Only in Spring 2021.

By Fall 2021, all Teams should be able to resume normal play with Fan attendances again.  But there will be great competition from States and other Countries to get their hands on a Vaccine or Cure.  But remember, there has been 40 million going now without Jobs.  And money will be tight for fans.

And many will not trust taking one of the Fast-Tracked Meds that skipped the usual 18-24 months of Testing prior to FDA Approval.  But right now, we can only hope and think positive.  My suggestion takes in for a Vaccine to be in place by Fall 2020.

Lack of money and Fear of COVID-19 will still be in the air for many fans. And this will keep many away.  But we must still play even with fewer fans.  But I see the safest route to be Spring 2021. Allow athletes to train.  But continued by means of staying Safe.  Full Contact Sports too soon will have unforgivable consequences and might even suggest Liabilities by Schools and Organizations ignoring the needed Safety in place.  I mean, how did some places get to “We DON’T have Sports, We’ll have to Close our Doors because of Lack of Revenue”?  Every situation must be Carefully Reviewed.  But-

Starting in January 2021.

To prove America can Overcome, the Games Must go on…(But CAN’T ignore Safety)

Okay, here’s the Play Prediction I see Doable in our foreseeable future-

January 1, 2021 We Celebrate, and if conditions are such for Celebrating that we will be playing games again.  But everyone should pay attention to Scientific Predictions for Your States.  Winter’s Predictions may make a January 2021 start unrealistic.  We could very well be in a serious Lockdown by then.  But also, pay attention to the Updates on the Vaccines and mindfully understand the shear almost unbelievable difficulty it will be to even get the entire population inoculated.  Logistic Demands, and other factors will be involved.  Several years are in my minds eye when all will begin to resemble the Old America.

But for sure-

Celebrate surviving a Pandemic.  Thanksgiving will have a Special Place this year in all of our lives.

But let’s get the games going.l, shall we?

The more the merrier.

Let the Games Begin-

Saturday, January 2, 2021,  NCAA Football Games Start.  NCAA Basketball Games Start.

Sunday, January 3, 2021, NFL Football Games Start.  NBA Basketball Games  Start.  Yes, at the same time.  You need to keep in mind, not everyone is going to be coming out and Ready for Close Contact among other Fans at first.  But, It will work.

MARCH 2021-

Monday March 1, 2021, NCAA Baseball Games Begins.  MLB Games begin.

Tuesday March 2, 2021 NCAA Track and Field Start.

And the rest of the Sports are put into the Mix as well during the week or weekends…it’s all doable.

Sure, lots of folks are going to have to be Onboard and I am talking New Deals, New Contracts too in many places.  But it is not fair to NOT allow all Sports to Compete.  All must be allowed.

But starting too early and Fans or Players die will have an insurmountable affects on the Fan Psychic.  But. Start later than planned and guess what?

Right now.

Plans need to start coming together.  Setting it all up needs to take place. Plan for a January Start.

It’s gonna be tons of Fun! Still lots of fun.

A logistics nightmare, but DOABLE for all Teams and all Fans.

Yes, sacrifices for PRIME TIME will have to take place.  In some instances, Games as well.  But a fair and reasonable amount of Games can still be played.

Of course, High School and Jr. high and so on will play, but I believe January is the ONLY PRUDENT and fair Judgement to be made at this point.  I fully understand Schools need Money FROM Athletics.  It’s the way it is.

And If it ALL were planned NOW, all can take place.

All Sports can be played.  Starting Too Early and you could warp Fan appreciation and attendance for a long time.

I also believe an October or November Start will be too ambitious and toss Player and Fan Safety to the WINDS.  I cannot and will not consider such A Stoic Approach.  If you do, plan on Lawsuits from the Loved Ones of Dead Players or Fans.  I see them coming.  But forget that by doing the Delayed Start to Save Lives.  Delay to Save Lives!  A Vaccine is coming, a few months more of waiting to Start is nothing but good Judgement.  Otherwise, how many Games will be Cancelled?  Be Postponed?  This is not the time to carry your Balls around in a wheelbarrow.  They’ll fall out eventually. 

So, January 2021 will work.  Yes, it will.

We’ll still have the Super Bowl.  We’ll still have MARCH MADNESS played in MAY 2021.  But who’s going after a lame duck Season with few or NO FANS? 

THE NCAA NATIONAL 🏆 GAME will be played in MARCH 2021, towards the end.  But if some play and others Postpone, this National Championship game won’t carry the same weight of Luster…unacceptable, absolutely No Respectability.

And so it will trickle all down the lines of play.

It’s DOABLE if you wait…you can do this.

Starting Too early and a great amount of Fan Unrest will take place.  Loss of Fans watching the Games.  Even Fan Hatred if done too early causing another Holocaust of American Deaths.  Fans in the Stands may prove to be Super-Spreaders.

This will be an incredible Feat of Tons of Sports.

But Great Minds can make it happen.  Logistics need to bring the Planning Stage to the Table Now.

Line it all up!  It can be done if you Plan now.

Virtual Sports just won’t work.

Games without Audiences won’t work.

Being Safe will work.

It’s going to be okay.

Just trying to get all Americans inoculated will be a logistic nightmare.  It will be later than 2021 before we see normal again.  Might be 2025 or later…but you do what only you can do, let others worry about what they can do…it is going to be Okay!

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