Open the Beaches and Clubs…Party like it’s your Last! Cause it might be’s…💀👀

Why hell yeah, let’s toss CAUTION TO THE WINDS! And get back to Partying!  Who cares?  I mean who Cares?  Chasing Tail!  Playing with a Stranger’s Dog.  Playing Beach Ball.  I mean, hell, let’s all get down in the Sand!  Let’s all get drunk and Be Somebody!  Hell, the best Drug Deals always go down on the Beaches.  Smoke a joint with Total Strangers.  Let’s do it!  Right?

Well, lots of us do and lots of us DON’T.  Which are you?  Where are you in the COVID-19 Game?  On the Front Lines?  Or one of the millions bored at home feeling all cramped-up?  Going so bonkers, you just don’t care no more.

Not to bash Our President. But CDC says Wear a MASK.  Trump says HE WON’T.  Is that Egg-Head thinking or what?  Or just a Billionaire doing what He Wants.  He DON’T care cause he’ll get Treatment far better than what you or I will receive if he gets this Death Virus. So, sure, he’s got it made.  He’s a Big Boy wearing those Big Boy Billionaire Pants. 

But is there any DATA out there that might help all of us choose to Remain Put in Our Pity Dungeons or instead, just throw all Caution Away?  Well, yes, I believe there is…so most all of us like pictures.  So what’s out there to make us, help us decide?  

Or do you solely base what you do by only listening to certain People?  If YOU’RE a Billionaire, you’ll most likely go Full Blown Trumpster and Not Wear a MASK. 

But what about the non-billionaires?   And others are now whispering to Trump that there’s a Miracle Cocktail of Drugs that’s a 100% Guarantee to Save Us?  Really?  Here’s a Mr. Expert, who is No Medical Expert at all now calling the Shots?  Who the hell does this disgraced person think they are?  Claiming MEDICAL ADVICE?  But I’m sure Trump will be spouting the Miracle Cocktail and Beat His Chest like he’s the Savior.  People, Only God will let us know when it’s safe to be normal again. Not man. 

And let’s get back to the Original Question-what Data will tell all of us things are safe again?   But first, UT had a bunch of Students go flocking to the Beaches and 50 Tested Positive.

So, did any of them infect others?  Sure, some did.  Not on purpose.  It’s only now that the Disturbing News that COVID-19 kills Old People has been fully proven.  Kicking them Old Folks to the curb, burying them under the Bus.  And I know, there are many that Want the Old Folks Dead!  Actually want all Old People Dead! Folks Dead!  Want their fellow human beings dead as a doorknob. 

So, Beaches are now Opening in Georgia.  Right or Wrong?  You make the Call.  Here’s an Article about it-

But now, let’s see it from a different angle-that is this-When is the COVID-19 Virus predicted to PEAK in your State?  And on the following Article, “Click” on it and then “Click”  UNITED STATES and it will allow you to scroll down to your State and then “Click” on your State. 


Georgia’s Peak for the Virus is predicted to not come for 14 more days.  So. Basically some mighty fine planning to OPEN THE BEACHES in time for everyone to get Comfortable with going right back there at the PEAKing Period of Greatest Infection for this Death Virus.  Nice, very nice. 

But here’s the Real Kicker-Note the Bed Situation for Beds and ICU Beds in your State!  And then look at Georgia’s situation.  Now, was the Decision to OPEN THE BEACHES a prudent one?  You make the Call.

Hey,  I’m a nobody and I know nothing for sure…do you?