USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT and Hellfire Missiles from the White House?


Captain of Aircraft Carrier Pleads for Help as Virus Cases Increase Onboard

“We are not at war,” the captain of the carrier Theodore Roosevelt wrote. “Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset — our sailors.”

Infamous Captain Crozier Letter-

But Checkout this Trump One Page Letter to make things fairer or stranger-


But did Captain Brett Crozier do WRONG? Was he inept, was he stupid, was he causing Panic?  I mean, here’s a man on one of the Most Powerful Warships of All Times and suddenly, he’s a DO DO BUG?  Man, get that lame, lunatic thought out of here.  The Man Had A Pair and he used them.  And ones who don’t are beheading the man.  How ridiculous it’s become.

I pray when Vice-President Joe Biden becomes President that he will revisit this Event and Reinstatement be done. And remove the Jackals calling themselves by undeserved Titles.  But Lord only knows what’s coming next.  But I do admire this Captain risking his Career for the Crew’s Lives.  That is what a Hero Does.

A letter sent thru Non-TOP SECRET Means was not used.  But did you ask yourself WTF?  A simple Letter justified a White House Hellfire Missile Response?  Did the Captain really mess-up?  Or was he acting on a Higher Authority, writing from a purpose greater than he?  I believe he was.  But you be the judge because this thoughtless Hellfire Missile White House Launch will have tremendous ramifications and repercussions throughout the U.S. Military Ranks.  But why?

Well, , an ULTRA-TOP SECRET HAND DELIVERY. You see, an Ultra-slow SNAIL MAIL DELIVERY Method by a Delivery Boy carrying a case attached to a young U.S. MARINE OR NAVY Warrior SEAL Delivery Carrier Person with a handcuff attachment to their wrist to a Locked Briefcase wasn’t used. It wasn’t used.

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An Ultra-Classified F-18 Fighter Jet to take this Top Secret Courier wasn’t launched off the USS ROOSEVELT’S Landing Deck with what now is being raced up the Trump Justification Pole as Trump done the right thing to REMOVE the man, and the Captain is a Terrible Man by writing a Terrible 5-page Letter.  President Trump played a significant part in how all of this went down, make no mistake, the Captain’s now tarnished Career rests squared on Trump.

But did you STOP and think why the Captain wrote a Letter when he had already communicated the



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aboard the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT to Navy Command?  Navy Command already knew.  But…

Folks. It’s simple.  Upper Command had already decided to take a STAY IN PLACE approach for all the Sailors, Airmen, U.S. Marines on Cpt. Crozier’s Ship. Who is stupid enough to say-Keep’em aboard?  Keep all’em aboard.

To keep the Sailors aboard the Aircraft Carrier like they are doing to all the Cruise Ships.  Like they did to the Diamond Princess in Japan.

But there’s one problem.  And it’s not a little one.  It’s a HUGE one.

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The sleeping quarters are open and man is bunked one above the other.  Social Distancing is not an Option.

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They live in berths!

But why did the White House launch another one of Trump’s Hellfire Missiles? Why?

Simply put, the secretive CLOAK AND DAGGER Method had not been used.  And then, the 5-Page Letter from highly admired, highly Respected Captain Brett Crozier, COMMANDER of the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT was sent thru normal Channels.

But, this is where the now highly Publicized Letter from the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT’S Captain goes straight into Whale Snot Sailor BULLSHIT FOLKLORE.  And this is it?


A Captain, and not any ordinary Captain-A Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Commander, is FIRED or REMOVED FROM COMMAND of his ship from sending a NON-TOP SECRET LETTER to his Boss concerning the dire situation of his ship from COVID-19.  Lord, did anyone Not READ “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner”?  But more importantly, does anyone have an idea how many Scrutinizing already went on before Captain Brett Crozier was made Captain?  And all of a sudden, his judgement is questioned by His Removal?  How incredibly incredulous was this?  It was nothing short of another now infamous White House Hellfire Missile Attack. Yea, Trump ordered it…

But Politics to the Rescue and suddenly when the Captain’s Letter becomes Public, then goes Viral, The White House Launches one of its now Infamous Hellfire Missiles that takes the Letter to a whole’nother level.

But why might I ask is this-Why wasn’t the WHISTLEBLOWER who Openly Released the Captain’s Letter to Upper Command the one who should have been under scrutiny?  And not the Captain. 

But how did the man who fired Captain Crozier justify his Actions to the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT’s Crew?

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas B. Modly addressed the crew of the aircraft carrier on Monday afternoon via the ship’s internal loudspeaker system. In a profane and defensive address that one crew member described in an interview as “whiny, upset, irritated, condescending,” Modly took repeated shots at the integrity of Capt. Brett E. Crozier, who was removed from command last week, and eventually injected partisan political tones into the address by attacking former Vice President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly criticized Crozier’s removal.

Modly’s visit to the aircraft carrier, which is currently pierside in the U.S. territory of Guam, followed the firing on Thursday of Crozier after an email he wrote seeking further help for his stricken crew was leaked to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Modly said Crozier was “too naïve or too stupid to be a commanding officer” if he thought that letter wasn’t going to leak. “The alternative is that he did this on purpose,” Modly added.

Did anyone check on Modly’s Service Record?  A Record lacking experience enough to make prudent judgements by he alone. Well, you should because it’s just one leg up from his Boss’s Military RECORD.  Sounding like to me, that Modly needs to be REMOVED!  Acting, emphasizing ACTING, Navy Secretary Modly’s behavior is in·com·pre·hen·si·ble.  His blind allegiance to Trump is undermining Our National Defense. A Trump Stooge.

But KARMA does have a way of coming back to bite people in the Butt when they are Disrespecting an Entire Aircraft Carrier’s Crew!  And then here came the Headlines-

Acting Navy Secretary resigns after calling ousted aircraft carrier captain ‘stupid’

And you can READ all about it.  Now, will Trump reinstate Captain Brett Crozier as Captain of the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT?  If he did. It would prove Trump is truly The Commander in Chief! And be applauded by the real people that matter.


And what does this act of Lunatic Politics say?  It rides right along with what present Commanders in the Field of all American Forces think-Now, Will My or Might My Military Actions are to be judged by the U.S. President of America if all communication, even Non-Top Secret Memorandums are not sent by SLOW, SNAIL MAIL DELIVERY, will I be judged?  Has the Commander in Chief suddenly run amuck to what that position means and how it is viewed by all U.S. Servicemen? His Non-Military understanding now is suddenly being viewed like throwing a 48″ pipe wrench into a bicycle spoke.  TOO FAR!  But another Hellfire Missile launched by the White House?  But who was this man now removed?  So, what’s our fantastic U.S. NAVY say, and my own father was a WWII Radar Operator.



Captain Crozier, a native of Santa Rosa, California, graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1992 and was designated a Naval Aviator in 1994.

Following completion of flight training, he was assigned to HSL-37 in Barbers Point, Hawaii, as a SH-60B Seahawk pilot. He deployed on board USS Crommelin (FFG 37) and USS Fletcher (DD 992) in support of operations in the Pacific Ocean and Operation Southern Watch in the Arabian Gulf.

Captain Crozier then reported to Navy Personnel Command in 1999 as an aviation detailer and retention program manager. Following this tour, he completed an aircraft transition to the F/A-18 Hornet and in 2002 reported to VFA-97 in Lemoore, Calif. While assigned to the ‘Warhawks,’ he deployed with USS Nimitz (CVN 68) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2003.

In 2004, Captain Crozier reported to VFA-94 as a department head and deployed with the ‘Mighty Shrikes’ on board Nimitz in 2005 again in support of OIF. Captain Crozier was assigned to VFA-125 in 2006 and served as an instructor and FRS Operations Officer. Following this tour with the ‘Rough Raiders,’ he reported in 2007 to the Naval War College and earned a Master’s Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies.

In August 2010, Captain Crozier completed an assignment as the Commanding Officer of VFA-94 in Lemoore. During this tour, he led his squadron on successful expeditionary deployments with Marine Aircraft Group 12 based out of MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, in support of Pacific operations and the Global War on Terror.

Following command, Captain Crozier reported to Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO in Naples, Italy and served as the Lead Air Planner for Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn and Combined Joint Task Force Deputy Director of Targeting for NATO’s Operation Unified Protector.

In April 2014, Captain Crozier completed the Naval Nuclear Power training program and served as the Executive Officer of USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) until July 2016. During this tour the Reagan took part in RIMPAC 2014, two maintenance availabilities, the forward deployment to Yokosuka, Japan to relieve the USS George Washington (CVN 73) as the Nation’s only forward deployed aircraft carrier, and several FDNF deployments in the PACOM AOR.

Captain Crozier assumed command of the USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) in Yokosuka, Japan in June of 2017.


But why did the Captain write his Letter?  And why have so many come out on both sides of this issue, yes, come out slinging mud trying to create more confusion by mere diffusing?  I think the above picture tells it all.  And when you have no other choice, but to write the Letter, to save the Sons and Daughters of thousands onboard his Ship, Only God can Judge his Now Famous Action.  Not mere men. But I want to leave you with one of the most important reads concerning “Philosophy of Command” for you now in its entirety from Admiral E. J. King fated January 21, 1941-


Appendix 1
Admiral E.J. King’s Philosophy of Command


Subject: Exercise of Command — Excess of Detail in Orders and Instructions.

1. I have been concerned for many years over the increasing tendency — now grown almost to “standard practice” — of flag officers and other group commanders to issue orders and instructions in which their subordinates are told “how” as well as “what” to do to such an extent and in such detail that the “Custom of the service” has virtually become the antithesis of that essential element of command — “initiative of the subordinate.”

2. We are preparing for — and are now close to — those active operations (commonly called war) which require the exercise and the utilization of the full powers and capabilities of every officer in command status. There will be neither time nor opportunity to do more than prescribe the several tasks of the several subordinates (to say “what”, perhaps “when” and “where”, and usually, for their intelligent cooperation, “why”), leaving to them — expecting and requiring of them — the capacity to perform the assigned tasks (to do the “how”).

3. If subordinates are deprived — as they now are — of that training and experience which will enable them to act “on their own” — if they do not know, by constant practice, how to exercise “initiative of the subordinate” — if they are reluctant (afraid) to act because they are accustomed to detailed orders and instructions — if they are not habituated to think, to judge, to decide and to act for themselves in their several echelons of command — we shall be in sorry case when the time of “active operations” arrives.

4. The reasons for the current state of affairs — how did we get this way? — are many but among them are four which need mention: first, the “anxiety” of seniors that everything in their commands shall be conducted so correctly and go so smoothly, that none may comment unfavorably; second, those energetic activities of staffs which lead to infringement of (not to say interference with) the functions for which the lower echelons exist; third, the consequent “anxiety” of subordinates lest their exercise of initiative, even in their legitimate spheres, should result in their doing something which may prejudice their selection for promotion; fourth, the habit on the one hand and the expectation on the other of “nursing”


and “being nursed” which lead respectively to the violation of command principles known as “orders to obey orders” and to that admission of incapacity or confusion evidenced by “request instructions.”5. Let us consider certain facts: first, submarines operating submerged are constantly confronted with situations requiring the correct exercise of judgment, decision and action; second, planes, whether operating singly or in company, are even more often called upon to act correctly; third, surface ships entering or leaving port, making a landfall, steaming in thick weather, etc., can and do meet such situations while “acting singly” and, as well, the problems involved in maneuvering in formations and dispositions. Yet these same people — proven competent to do these things without benefit of “advice” from higher up — are, when grown in years and experience to be echelon commanders, all too often are not made full use of in conducting the affairs (administrative and operative) of the several echelons — echelons which exist for the purpose of facilitating command.

6. It is essential to extend the knowledge and the practice of “initiative of the subordinate” in principle and in application until they are universal in the exercise of command throughout all the echelons of command. Henceforth, we must all see to it that full use is made of the echelons of command — whether administrative (type) or operative (task) — by habitually framing orders and instructions to echelon commanders so as to tell them ‘what to do’ but not ‘how to do it’ unless the particular circumstances demand.

7. The corollaries of paragraph 6 are:

  1. adopt the premise that the echelon commanders are competent in their several command echelons unless and until they themselves prove otherwise;
  2. teach them that they are not only expected to be competent for their several command echelons but that it is required of them that they be competent;
  3. train them — by guidance and supervision — to exercise foresight, to think, to judge, to decide and to act for themselves;
  4. stop ‘nursing’ them;
  5. finally, train ourselves to be satisfied with ‘acceptable solutions’ even though they are not “staff solutions or other particular solutions that we ourselves prefer.”


Subject: Exercise of Command — Correct Use of Initiative.
Reference: My confidential memorandum, serial 053, dated 21 January 1941 — Subject ‘Exercise of Command — Excess of Detail in Orders and Instructions.’


1. In the three months that have elapsed since the promulgation of the reference, much progress has been made in improving the exercise of command through the regular echelons of command — from forces through groups and units to ships. It has, however, become increasingly evident that correct methods for the exercise of initiative are not yet thoroughly understood — and practiced — by many echelon commanders.

2. The correct exercise of the principle of the initiative is essential to the application of the principle of decentralization. The latter, in turn, is premised on the basic principle known as ‘division of labor’, which means that each does his own work in his own sphere of action or field of activity.

3. What seems to have been overlooked is that the exercise of initiative as involved in ‘division of labor’ (as embodied in ‘decentralization’) not only requires labor on the part of those who exercise any degree of command, but, as well and even more particularly, on the part of those who exercise initiative. It also seems to have been overlooked that the correct exercise of initiative is applicable not only to operations but to administration and, as well, to personnel and material matters.


  1. initiative means freedom to act, but it does not mean freedom to disregard or to depart unnecessarily from standard procedures or practices or instructions. There is no degree of being ‘independent’ of the other component parts of the whole — the Fleet.
  2. It means freedom to act only after all of one’s resources in education, training, experience, skill and understanding have been brought to bear on the work in hand.
  3. It requires intense application in order that what is to be done shall be done as a correlated part of a connected whole — much as the link of a chain or a gear-wheel in a machine.

5. In order that there may be clearer understanding — and better practice — in the exercise of initiative, the following paraphrase of certain passages in the reference, together with appropriate additions, are enjoined as a guide upon all those concerned in the exercise of initiative:

‘… active operations (commonly called war) require the exercise and the utilization of the full powers and capabilities of every officer in command status’;

‘Subordinates are to become “habituated to think, to judge, to decide and to act for themselves”‘;

It requires hard work — concentration of powers — to exercise command effectively and, frequently, even harder work to exercise initiative intelligently;

When told ‘what’ to do — make sure that ‘how’ you do it is effective not only in itself but as an intelligent, essential and correlated part of a comprehensive and connected whole.”


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