The living breathing James Brown



If the Wuhan Virus ever comes to America, allowing all Americans who wish to buy and smoke Marijuana. In all 50 States is something that should be allowed.  Why?  Simple.  Millions of Americans have smoked it and most don’t care if anyone does smoke some.  But if America resorts to Sheltering In Place throughout America to prevent a catastrophic Death Toll. Then they should be allowed to Unwind and this weed looking small bush should help them, especially with the Anxiety that Isolation brings about.  I ought to know having worked Administrative Segregation for 15 years in Texas Prisons.  But what I speak of is not Criminal.  Smoking a little bit of this weed would help.  Owning a little amount should be allowed.  But PURE ISOLATION for 30 Days or months or longer is a Sure Trip to Anxiety City!…

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