China welded Apartment Doors Shut entombing millions; did this give way to Cannibalism?

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Coronavirus: Residents ‘welded’ inside their own homes in China

2 February 2020, 22:59 | Updated: 2 February 2020, 23:01

Social media videos appear to show people being welded inside their own homes
Social media videos appear to show people being welded inside their own homes. Picture: Twitter

The Chinese government is welding doors shut to enforce its coronavirus quarantine, after footage has emerged of suspected coronavirus sufferers being dragged from their homes.

People in China are being sealed inside their own homes as part of desperate steps to try and contain the spread of

But, could the COVID-19 Pandemic already have started CANNIBALISM? Especially, when your own Government welds your steel Door shut leaving you entombed?

Yes, China WELDED DOORS shut on Apartments.  To stop the flow of COVID-19.  Welding doors shut to STOP the dangerous flow of this Deadly Virus. Well, are the rumors true of some Entombed Chinese forced from eating rats to eating people because they had been welded in their own Tombs?  In their own Apartments?  When the rats were all eaten, did dead people become the only way to survive?

And DOESN’T welding the Doors on Apartments seem to be concrete evidence that this COVID-19 did come from a Bio-Weapons Lab?  By taking such EXTREME MEASURES of entombing millions, doesn’t this suggest that the Chinese knew how Deadly this Bio-Created Virus was?

To even consider welding people in their homes here in America is scary.  But why were such incredibly horrible forms of Total Isolation being done in China?  And some doors are said to be still welded shut…

Hey, I don’t know nothing for sure, do you?